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3 Chamber Still



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    @DMdistilling, I don't think I've commented much about the importance of fully condensing the rising low wines vapor vs allowing a measure of vapor and liquid to enter the ,,,well,,,thumper/reboiler?

    My feeling is that this is not a make or break detail necessarily. Fully condensing the low wines vapor does mean that you have to potentially install more heat into the reboiler/thumper. Also, to minimize the potential for flooding you'll need a way to drain back to the still. If you are using a thumper to boost proof that is.

    This still above is just a stripper and my goal was to fully condense all rising low wines vapor prior to entering the product condenser. Doing so would reduce the flow rate of cooling media exchange. Seems like all the boutique sized operators never have enough cooling capacity.

    I am using the coils for the sake of antiquity. On the more recent things I have been working on I am using the through tube design for the preheater and sending everything over as vapor rather than liquid / liquid & vapor.

    The preheater coil is a 3" diameter btw.

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  • @bloverk mate. Thanks again for the reference. I had lost track of that paper. I have read it a few times and its fantastic. I would think the aim of the three chamber still is to concentrate the oils and that requires unmalted grains as much as possible. God I cant wait to get one.

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    Here's there breakdown of who was using what on the Crampton and Tolman paper.

    The use of a 3 chamber for ryes isn't nearly as prolific as we thought, just under half of the rye submissions were made on a 3 chamber.


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    Australian distillery gonna get a 3 chamber


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  • Bugger. I am not going to be the first in the southern hemisphere.

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