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Your one-stop resource for configuring & using the one and only completely modular distilling equipment. Innovation begins & ends here. Look & See!
  • Have a look here first if you are new to this forum or to distilling in general. Find essential info that gets you started, post your introduction.
    108 discussions 1,352 commentsMost recent: Howdy by grim10:51AM
  • Everyone has to begin somewhere. This is your place for basic distilling discussions. Feel free to talk about whatever is needed to get you started.
    163 discussions 3,293 commentsMost recent: Distiller wannabe.. by KapeaJuly 21
  • The right place for discussions about configuring StillDragon products. The completely modular design offers endless possibilities!
    238 discussions 7,485 commentsMost recent: My StillDragon Activated Carbon Filter by grim11:01AM
  • So you have your StillDragon assembled and ready to use, what next? Have a look here for employing your equipment the best possible way.
    82 discussions 2,179 commentsMost recent: Leaking Push Connects by jotzillaJuly 5
  • All about distilling not explicitly connected to StillDragon equipment. Watch out for interesting sub-categories, all your needs will be satisfied!
    475 discussions 12,817 commentsMost recent: My rig by richard11:12AM
  • Know or wanna know something interesting about distilling accessories? Then here you go, be it StillDragon accessories or general ones!
    108 discussions 3,673 commentsMost recent: Edrometer by grimJuly 26
  • All about recipes. Tell your thoughts, explain your steps, ask away for advice. Creating a new one? Experimental ideas are welcome as well!
    126 discussions 3,049 commentsMost recent: The Big Gin Thread by zymurgybobJuly 19Child Categories: Cookbook
  • Use this category to address your request to the StillDragon distributor for Australia and New Zealand, or for matters only relevant to that region.
    74 discussions 3,152 commentsMost recent: No Topic Thread by Kapea5:22AM
  • Use this category to address your request to the StillDragon distributor for Europe, or for matters only relevant to that region.
    33 discussions 364 commentsMost recent: ADI Bill Owens looking for European Nan… by SDeuropeJune 16
  • Use this category to address your request to the StillDragon distributor for North America, or for matters only relevant to that region.
    29 discussions 1,009 commentsMost recent: StillDragon North America Bulletin Board by KapeaJuly 2
  • Have a barrel to sell? Place your classified ads here. Only private sales of items about distilling are allowed, please read our guideline first!
    32 discussions 245 commentsMost recent: [AU/SA] Sale: Ace of Hearts aka Baby Cr… by jezJuly 22
  • Your place to hang out with discussions little or not at all connected to distilling. Whatever does not fit anywhere else can be discussed here.
    142 discussions 6,871 commentsMost recent: Funny Things spotted on the Interwebs by FullySilencedJuly 26