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Kale Wash

edited July 2013 in Recipes

Hi all, put down a kale wash about 5 days ago. Its freezing here atm but its still powering on, very active wash!

 25 L  wash 
100 g  kale blended with water 
  5 kg white sugar
 90 g  bakers yeast    


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  • A bit of research shows that kale gets 3 thumbs up for health benefits. So its gotta be good for a ferment, right?
    Looks a little bad in the picture but I don't distill a picture and it always comes out sparkling clear from the still for me.

    I give this one a minimum of 1.5 thumbs up until I hear about the distilled results. I reserve the right to add or remove a thumb.

    A green, globby looking ferment does not get an automatic 2 thumbs up from me.

  • I hope I can keep them.thumbs up mate. It's cleared alot more since that picture lol.

  • looks like your getting rid of the evidence of murdering Kermit the frog!

  • edited July 2013

    Anyone remember 'Frog in a blender'?


  • poor Kermy :( :))

  • Ran a small test batch today, no more tpw for me now, came out very nice, shits all over tpw low wines run I get through this still. just had a taste at 40% and there's no kale flavor what so.ever, was worried about that. This would be as good as you could get if it was put through more.plates. he next wash I just through sugar in the Lees with warm water, no.yeast and it's been bubbling like crazy for the past week. Happy.

  • OK, fine, googe - 2 thumbs up.
    You are a fearless fermenterer of freaky looking ferments. I like that ^:)^

  • edited July 2013

    So kale is an excellent source of beta carotene and flavonoids which are good for you and have anti cancer properties. 100g of leaves provides 500% RDA source of vitamin A which is good for vision and skin and help prevent lung and oral cancers. This has to fix that stoge or cigarette problem and negate all negative effects of it. 100g of leaves provides 700% RDA of vitamin K which helps prevent Alzheimer's disease. This is a problem. You can not use the I don't remember clause ever again. 100g of kale provides 200% vitamin C which helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful oxygen-free radicals. Another problem you will be health so you have to go to work with a smile on your face. Kale is rich in niacin, vitamin B-6 which helps maintain a healthy weight by helping regulate metabolism and gives you energy. Another problem as long as you are drinking your vitamins your honey do list will be done in advance. The easiest way to get all the vitamins and minerals of fruits and veges is to juice or extract them. I am sure you are only in this for health reasons. If your wife loves you and wants you to be healthy and not over weight and remember her birthdays and Christmas and mothers day the she will have to force you or insist that you drink this at least 5 times. If it taste like shit then for sure its healthy. This product is husband tested wife approved.

    There is a 100% guarantee that it makes the wife a lot more attractive. The more you consume the more attractive she will get. Another advantage is it would be a great pre work out drink and post work out drink. B6 and niacin helps give energy and vit A will help lungs to work more efficient. Be sure to rehydrate after strenuous work outs!!!!!!!

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  • edited July 2013

    MY POINT EXACTLY but only if she loves you! Is that kale shine in that big glass?

  • From someone that has fermented with Metamucil,,,,,,,,,this looks fine.

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  • edited July 2013

    Metamucil? Wth :-O thats a new one to me. Please do tell!

    It is what you make it!

  • edited July 2013

    Not sure what I was thinking....Prolly that if it passes easily for me it would pass easily for the yeasty beasties? Fermented dern good. Can't recall most of it as my notes are non existent. It can be found on HD.

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  • edited July 2013

    Thats good, a nice read the funny is shitfaced =)) So would midol keep anyone from getting ornery?

    It is what you make it!

  • lmfao!!!!!!!! Ben that's awesome. I just read the thread and couldn't believe it. But Smaug is a Rum fiend do I know if he has used it then it must be good!

  • Naw those were the early days when i was just trying to see what was wut. No need for further experimenting with soda or vitamin water either.

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  • LMFAO!!!!!!!! man you ain't right>>>!!!>>> Call me

  • Ok what about broccolli or turnips greens, who's jumpin in.....

  • edited January 2014

    Update! Have been doing this a lot since I first tried it and can safely say its my favorite wash for neutral!

  • @googe, how many of these do you think you have run with success? Really clean taste or that sugar wash bite to it?

  • @brantoken said: Ok what about broccolli or turnips greens, who's jumpin in.....

    Ima work on a green bean mash and a cucumber mash here when I get time to throw it in the fermenters.

    I checked the vitamin and NPK content of some veggies and the stuff I have easily available here were those two, so we'll see how that works out. im excited.

    Does the Kale wash work better with champagne yeast or bakers yeast or ec-1118 or something else?

  • Fully, I've done about six or seven 80L ferments now, it very clean, my missus is an aromatherapist and has a sense of smell like a blood hound and she always could smell something in the tpw washes, this one she says it's like water. It's pretty nice as a mixer too. I always had trouble with tpw as I do single runs, would always get some sort of flavour come.through, don't with this. I've tried it different ways but I think the best way is to boil some in a pot for 5 mins to get the goodness out then toss the kale out and use the boil water in the ferment. I thought I might be boiling off goodness this way but doesn't seem to be the case. Blending it worked well to but the solids seem to be really suspended in the wash, they take forever to settle, with the boil way I don't need to worry, the finished ferment clears out really well!. I've only used bakers so far fiji spirits, would like to try others though. Good luck with yours.

  • @Fiji_Spirits,

    Kale Competitors: How Do Other Greens Stack Up? @ Health Health & Wellness on USNews

    a comparison for other greens that may work if kale is not available

  • I was reluctant to give thumbs up at the beginning of this thread but now, even though I've not tried the recipe, :-bd

  • edited January 2014

    Lol @Lloyd. I'd love for someone to try it, I've only got my feedback to go on.

  • Hi googe, I'm really tempted to try this. Do you really only use 100gm in 25litres? It seems a very small amount. Is the kale you use the one with tightly 'rippled' leaves. I'll let you know how I get on.

  • Hi grip, I've tried many different weights now and around 100g seems to work best. I've found the smaller you can grind/blend ect the kale into the more active the wash is. yep, it's the curly stuff, I have tons in the garden, that's how this all started lol.

  • @googe Are you using any other nutrients/chemicals in addition to the kale?

  • That's it then, I'm going to have a go.

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