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The StillDragon User Group YouTube Channel

Hello everyone,

Herewith I proudly present our own StillDragon® User Group YouTube Channel!

The first video shows Lloyd run the 4" Crystal Dragon™ with 9 bubble plates for the very first time:

StillDragon® - 4" Crystal Dragon™ - First Run

May a lot more follow. Enjoy! :)

The plan is to publish worthy videos made by forum members to our own StillDragon® User Group YouTube Channel to have them available from a single place. Right now the only possibility is to make the original video file available to me for download through Dropbox or MS Skydrive, so that I can take care of it.

The advantage is that our channel outranges individual forum members' YouTube accounts, searching for certain videos gets way easier, and videos can be published pretty much anonymously that way (with the forum user's nickname as only reference).

If you want to participate, sign up with Dropbox or any other cloud/filesharing service that allows you to provide such video files for me to download, and share the respective file with me. Additionally you can tell me what your video is all about, a short summary for the video description, and if some in-picture-comments (speech bubbles) are desired.

P.S. Please do not comment here, but in the respective discussion, because I will keep posting updates.


Moonshine - Your Devoted Forum Administrator

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