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The Big Name Finding Thread for the NEW 2.5" Crystal Dragon [CONTEST]

This discussion was created from comments split from: 2.5" (formerly known as 3") Bubble Column.

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  • Our baby dragon needs a name.
    Any suggestions?

  • BabyDragon?

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  • Mamma's crystal wand

  • I know, I started calling it Mama's but in reality I see this as the perfect apartment size still. Since personal distillation is not legal in most of the "free" world, yet, it may need a more "cultured" handle.
    With about 2.5 QuadZillion apartments and small homes out there this little still could be popular.

    Something like 'Vinegar and Oil Separator' :))
    ProDragon Flavor Extractor
    Crystal Dragon Essence Purifier (maybe not so good? Crystal meth? Dragon Essence?)
    CleanWater Degassing Unit

    What's a baby dragon called? A dragonette?

    I really suck at naming things.

  • edited July 2014

    Hatchling would be a baby dragon but doesnt really work.

    As far as what I imagine a pr person would go for...probably something to the order of 1. It has 1 cap per plate and 1 suggests no 1 or best. The word crystal to keep it inline with other products also suggests purity so perhaps less need for legal explanation in name as in your cleanwater example. Crystal clear is clean water so to speak. Could also refer to it as efficient rather than small.

    The Crystal Dragon One is the most efficient plated extractor on the market, Small enough for an apartment and producing..... Efficient power,cost,size. Efficiency suggests it performs better than its price or size. In a statement like above no one can refute its the most efficient as you havnt actually stated what its efficient at in that sentence. Avg joe with t500 will see we are best on market type adverts and it looks like the micro distilleries use.

    Can also use wordplay with pro. As it is a miniature version of a professional still and has procaps in it. Micro pro crystal extractor.

  • 2.5" = 2.5" Jade Crystal Dragon
    4" = 4" Emerald Crystal Dragon
    6" = 6" Sapphire Crystal Dragon
    12" = 12" Ruby Crystal Dragon


  • Micro pro crystal extractor. Nice.

  • Crystal Baby Dragon

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  • "The Petite" as i don't think your going smaller are you? IF its born a boy call it JR. and if its a girl... Mama's Little Helper god that sounds sexist... or a name of a personal vibrating device for self gratification...

  • Crystal Baby Dragon - I like it. B-)

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  • Not to rain on anyone's parade or brainstorming party, but if I heard of a product and it was called crystal baby dragon I immediately would be thinking breaking bad and meth. Why don't you just call it the Heisenberg. LOL.

  • sorry to hear about @Smaug 's demise... Smaug - A greedy and wicked golden-red dragon who slaughtered Thrór's dwarf clan along with the town of Dale and took the dwarves' treasure. While Bilbo Baggins talked with Smaug, he found a weak spot in Smaug's impenetrable scales. Hearing this from the Thrush the archer Bard shot Smaug dead.

  • Temeraire - A Black Chinese Celestial whose captain is William Laurence.

    OK, @Lloyd - make a special 'Crystal Dragon - Black Series' and have it black chromed and name it Temeraire...

    edit - black chrome reference I saw black chromium: black hard anodizing for stainless steel

  • I like it a lot, maybe santa will put one under the tree. I like dragonette, but agree with @waxernz comment about the average joe. what about Pro CD One, or CD One. A killa unit but has that commercial note to it like the T500.

  • Khaleesi , she is the mother of dragons, and you did build it for mamma.

  • I like the 1 reference. I like Crystal Dragon One or just The One.

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  • Crystal One or Crystal Dragon One, CDO/CD1 for short...

  • Crystal light?? Darn it, someone already took it. I like the cd1. Or crystal dragon one, crystal dash dragon one. Crystal dragon dash one. Crystal dragon light one...crystal dragon light dash one. crystal dragon dash light one. Maybe we need an acronym. Little Light one young dragon. Pay homage to our leader. Mini awesome mighty still. Sorry tried to spell mama and came up with mams. Not as easy as it looks.

  • I like one , because it is a single ProCap.... the SD ProCap One...

  • Call it the "Pro One" or "The Pro Single" then.. as is really spotlights the single PRO Cap... Its the smallest bubble capped column that SD will have in its line up..

  • edited July 2014

    Oh my, so many great ideas.
    CD1Pro sure sounds good @MIG35

    But with the flood of ideas, why stop here? Let's have a contest!

    Our faithful forum admin can create a thread to sort out everyone's suggestions and after some time we'll put it to a forum wide vote.
    The prize is the first, the original, baby dragon bubble section - as shown on the video. I'll pay the postage to who-ever wins. If possible, I'll try to get it into your distributor's shipment but if not I'll send it directly to you.

    Good luck to everyone!


    Legal blurb: Bottom reducer shown is not included. You must be of legal age to enter the contest and be of sound mind. Only one prize is available and your chances of winning are damn near zero but much higher than playing the lotto. You do not need to be a Mama to enter the contest. Offer valid while supplies last. No purchase necessary to play. In the event of a tie, a second runoff vote will be used.

  • Wow that sounds amazing :O A play on a bunch of different words for multiple meanings. Pro-ficient One

  • Or, CD - (DASH) 1 PRO, much the same as the other, I guess the - (dash) might only be known to those who know... ;)

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