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Kale Wash

Hello all,

I'm a newbie incredibly interested in making googes kale wash, I've been using turbo yeast sugar washes. And I would like say balls to this sort of wash. The kale wash sound and looks absolutely awesome. Kale is one my favourite foods. I know some people will say it tastes like dog shit or worse. Lol. Sorry for the bad language. Would anybody have a step by step guide for making this from start to finish also distilling methods, I am using an airstill. Could it go through the still once? How much fores to throw away and how much to keep for consumption.

Sorry to be a bother.
Thank you in advance.



  • SamSam
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    Hey @Kris_6383 welcome to the forum, I think you will find the recipe is pretty well discussed so you can just adjust the ratios and should be good to go.

    I would say drop the turbo yeasts as you will never get a good clean product with them, try something like EC1118.

    With the air still you probably have a couple of options, for a sugar based wash I would say strip everything then do a series of spitit runs making relatively wide cuts. Then combine your product and run again making cuts. Given the air still doesn't have a reflux column you might have to repeat the process a few times making cuts as you go, over each progressive run it will get cleaner.

    Alternatively if you wanted a flavoursome vodka from say a rye mash you could strip 1 wash then put the distilate back in with the next stripping run and run again without making cuts, repeat the process 4-5 times making cuts from say run 3.

    This is all assuming your airstill is similar to the 4L stillspirits one.

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    Thanks @Sam, yes it's the still spirits brand.

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    Do a search mate, I'm sure @googe posted it here. @Moonshine will probs do it for you anyway.

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  • @punkin said: Do a search mate, I'm sure googe posted it here. Moonshine will probs do it for you anyway.

    Kale Wash (by googe)

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    Throwing in any fruit and vegetable matter that doesn't have a strong aromatic component would probably work just the same here. You could probably swing by the local grocery, pick up all manner of over-ripe veg, and juice it to provide a sizable nutrient boost.

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    Sticking with the healthy salad theme - there is still a ton of work being done on the benefits of olive oil for yeast health coming out of the brewing world.

    Broccoli is probably as good as kale. Both are high in B vitamins and Zinc - which is what this is all about.

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    Have a look at this air still process - it'll work regardless of the wash:


    That said, I'd recommend you upgrade to a 4" StillDragon 4 plate modular with a 510mm packed section on top of a 50l keg. It'll make your vodka as well as any other spirit you can think of.

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  • That looks like a drawn out process!

  • Seems like a major pain in the ass with that little thing.

  • that's why we run bigger setups ;-)

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