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The Big Rum Thread



  • I am fortunate to have been able to spend some time in Puerto Rico and have relatives who are good friends with the other big PR rum distiller Don Q, by the Serralles family and their high end producs are IMO up there with some of the best.

    @moscca have you ever heard of a rum drink made with "tamarind", not sure if I am spelling it right, but just got a hold of some and was hoping for suggestions.

  • Don Q is an excellent value for the quality. I'd take Don Q any day over Baccardi. Infuse the Tamarind similar to SPD. The good folks in PR make that very nicely.

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  • Here in Honduras it is called tamarindo. My wife makes juice from it, it is very refreshing.

  • It does have a particular flavour, sort of hard to describe but kinda tart, which I like. I will be trying to infuse some neutral, perhaps a bit of panela and a drop or two lemon.....Thanks.

  • My first rum wash i used mandarins (forget what you call em in the states) busted up and the peels thrown in too in the wash. Called it PMR. There is still a few bottles floating round the back of my cupboard, lousy cuts but the slight citrus carry over is good.

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  • FYI this is what the tamarind pods look like


    and one individual pod , outer shell removed


    Then I removed the pits


    Instead of going SPD infusion, I think I will grab a strainer and some warm neutral and stir it all around in a strainer to remove the outermost layers and flavors and the use as an additive.

    Any suggestions are more than welcomed.

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  • @moscca any chance the mrs will share her recipe for the juice :-)

  • great pics captainshooch

  • @moscca please help! stuff I made tasted like....well maybe moonshine's dunder pit.... :) If i knew how to make the great refreshing juice with it, then I could have a shot at a drink, or an infusion

    image image

    I added a bit of Piloncillo (panella), abit of lemon and the mixed it with some good 40 ABV rum and nuked it for 30 secs. to melt the panella.....Not a good flavor allthough I love it fresh from the pod. Yes @Lloyd I know the feeling having about as much luck with this as you are with your Koji :)

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  • @ captainshooch : at work in Buenos Aires for the moment, will call my wife tonight.

  • @moscca no rush...I have learned to be patient:-)

  • Ok after many year of reading of people ranting about rum , I finally get it . last weekend tapped into my first successful panela rum , Oh MY IT was good..... funny thing I actually didn't like rum until reading all this stuff corrupted me.

    I don't think I will ever be the same now......Thank for all the ranting, it is worth it.

  • Another corrupted soul convert, congrats @brantoken.

  • anyone got a recipe for a kraken style rum?. had some the other night (by some i mean a bottle..) and it wasnt bad for a dark rum. my guess would be that there would be a bit of vanilla, cloves, anise, cinimon and quite a bit of caramel...

    anyone tried to make one similar?

  • Read. The rum reviews online. 're. Kraken. Kinda talks about the spices I think

  • Just thought i might mention that Saturday the 16th of August is International Rum Day


  • Salute!
    Does that mean "bottoms up"?

  • Certainly will be for me Lloyd!!

    At least for most of the days celebrations.......then i'm sure it will end "face down" =))

  • Thank ya, thank ya vary much. (quiver left side of top lip)
    This Saturday is rum day. Sunday can be bourbon day, Monday is scotch, Tuesday gin.... well, I think I can fill out the week.
    Always good to have a plan.
    Wednesday the vodka gets shaken, not stirred so 'whole lotta shaken goin on'....

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    lol guys funny stuff.
    I did a search on drink days found this link

    on the list you will see International Hangover Day is Aug 6. :))

  • Rum me tender,

    rum me sweet,

    never let me go.

    You have made my life complete,

    and i love you so :x

  • Was standing on the roadside August 16th

    Got rumned over, don't FaceBook but I'll Tweet

    Was served on rocks but I asked for neat

    No poet but twaz a treat

  • edited September 2014

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