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Another New Intro

hi guys i might as well jump in too
i started making beer couple years ago then decided to make spirits, well i jumped right in and built a 2 inch boka that took a week then down to brew shop to buy turbo yeast ,sugar ,flavours etc ,brew it then into boka i did throw away first 200 ml collect the rest throw some essence at it ,whole bottle [bourbon essence] then drink it it WAS bad but i did drink it
well this is not right so new internet connection gives me youtube
a whole new world opens to me , i watch study watch more opps i was doing it all wrong
i find homedistiller wow lots of info ,i find the others [some are not nice] i find StillDragon i like StillDragon nice gear i study some more build some more stills [wife says i dont need that many only 4]i brew bird watchers, ujsm plus my own recpies
my bourbon turned into wiskey, to much malt ,my mates liked that so onwards buy some gear off punkin.
i call my 4inch pot the dragon slayer was gonna buy some glass and bubble plates for dragon slayer BUT along came Lloyds new baby Ace of hearts WOL i like it not far till bus life calls us so Lloyds new baby will fit in bus locker and wife wont know till later I want one
right put my stills on trade me ,shit somebody brought em yesterday well onto truck today they are gone
Punkin i can order my baby now opps out of stock
thats ok good things take time
like the rest of this story in pics when i learn how to put em on
thanks guys this is a great site so much info and no put downs
Punkin how do i and others order a Ace of hearts in out of stock mode
thanks guys
new zealand



  • Howdy @starkid101 and Welcome!
    Yep, this is the kinder, gentler distilling forum and you'll love it here.
    We have a mix of talent, from the newest of newbies to highly experienced professionals and everywhere in between, and best of all everyone is happy to help in any way that they can.

    You are going to have tons of fun with your Ace of Hearts when the great Punkin can get it to you. He should chime in soon with ordering information. It is so easy to operate that after only a couple of runs you will start to feel like a master.

    The road ahead of you is a long and wonderful one. If like most everyone else you'll experiment with dozens and dozens of recipes and concoctions and try different ways of running your still and finally settle in on just a few recipes and procedures that you are pleased with.

    So glad you are here.

  • Welcome mate, make yourself at home.

  • Welcome mate, by the time i had got to the end of that sentence i was busting from holding my breath waiting for a full stop. :))

    If you send me an email to i can put you on the list to reserve one of the Ace of Hearts with a deposit ready to ship as soon as they are back in stock. I haven't ordered as many as a i probably should have (Lloyd continually tells me this) so they will end up back out of stock again and a preorder is a good idea.

    Your distilling journey sounds a familiar one, although for myself i found home distiller at the beginning, and the interest is there for years. I have found, like Lloyd that i have settled into a couple of recipes now too. :O)

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  • @starkid101 welcome, sounds like you are well on the way. Bloody hell I'd love to swap ya product, I tried to make a whisky and finished up with bourbon, I don't drink it but my best friend just loves it and thinks its fantastic that I have 100lts aged and ready to go. I now have whisky using malted grain and liquid rye malt, seems to be ok, only time will tell !

    And you do what we all seem to do, buy stuff without telling the other half, chuck it in the shed. Just like they do with clothes and shoes!

    Once again welcome and remember we love pic's around here.


  • "This old thing? I've had it for ages, just never worn it."

    I have heard that one a hundred times.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • edited January 2015

    : this was the begining of my journey not much to see just a drip at end of copper pipe but i drunk it and it was BAD.
    it took me months to learn to drive it but in the end i was doing 95% drip drip drip and beer after beer.
    full stop for punkin....
    as i learn how to get pics on there will be more to come .
    its been a hell of a journey
    happy new year to all


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  • ... add two spaces and a return (or Enter key) to create a line break.

    Great work @starkid101 on getting the hang of it, posting a picture helps and we all appreciate it.
    Hover over the thumbnail and you can click on "Insert Image" that will display the pics here full size.

    Good luck going forward in your distilling adventure!
    I am biased but I love driving my Baby Dragon, Ace of Hearts.

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    pics of my old gear :bz
    found this at scrappie was start of my 4inch pot


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    went apricot picking got 80 kg for brewing

    building my Ace tonight

    off to bunnings tomorrow for power cord

    then build controller

    then lift off

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  • Remember to destone the apricots

    I am jealous i would love to make some Apricot brandy :(

  • Looks nice starkid, I like how it's not even completely together (the nuts at the top) and you stopped to take a photo ;)

  • take the apricot stones and soak them in the fresh brandy... make ameretto!

  • Fits really well on a keg with the parrot kit. I'll steal that image for my FB page. DA:O

    Good first run i reckon.

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  • Lucky i put it on facebook at .
    One of the FBer's pointed out you may want to look at your plumbing and check it out via the Dash manual on the first sticky of the page. Usually use the red hose to signify hot water and blue to signify cool water. The two tees are to join your supply to the supply of both the inlet of the product condensor and the inlet of the reflux condensor. The valve goes on the outlet of the reflux condensor and the other tee joins both outlets together.

    I'm sure you figured it all out after the photo was taken anyway. b-(

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    first time pushed pipes in to admire

    anyway I decided such a thing of beauty should have shiny in and out plumbing so its done.

    added another needle valve and water tested ......all good

    is needle values on inlet side ok ??



    now to build the controller

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    Inlet side will work. Most people find there is easier control and less chance of airlocks on the outlet.

    What did you use to clamp to the 30l keg?

    The Guinness kegs i have are 2.5" at the ferulle.

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  • edited January 2015

    All nz kegs are 2"

    controller built now onto wire element



    um what are these left over bits ?

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  • The adjustable down comers you asked for?

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    I agree with @punkin on valves, I think a few of us prefer the valve on the outlet. Your condensers should not run dry from lack of input water if that makes sense. I think of holding back water flow rather than restricted flow in. In some cases natural flow or siphon effect may drain or cause air pockets in the system.

    Looking good, reckon you may need an extension to bring the parrot further away from the keg. 100 mm works ok, same as 2 x 45's or 90's, can place at angles to suit.



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    my Ace is away

    that is so fucken cool to watch

    my god how do you guys with 12 " glass handle your day




    put 2lts fores I had into 20lts water for cleaning run

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    cleaning run is over

    so many variables to running Ace

    its a cool machine Lloyd

    look forward to many drinks

    already been booked for a party ,maybe do gin shots ooooo the joy

    thanks for all the help guys

    punkin where do the adjustable down cummers go . Ido have blonde moments ok

    I have had a blonde or 2 in my day lol

    cheers guys


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  • ooooo by the way that snapper took me 6 years to catch and was 20 LBS ha ha and a lot of beers :bz ^#(^ :bz

  • If that was a cleaning run.. is ok otherwise you may want to back off a bit on that Ace .. i would think that run was a little aggressive... :D unless your into smeared stuff

  • The risers sit in the top of the caps. You may need a wrap of teflon tape as those ones are a slightly loose fit.

    Many drinks to come from that little machine. :)>-

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    Hi guys,

    The bug of making booze has got me bad, week night and the Ace is running.

    I have

    • 7.5L apricot sluge (from bottom of wash), so much flavour here
    • 5L water
    • 1L 45% ABV from strip run

    I am using old keg for boiler on gas, don't want shit on my element, put some marbles in wash.

    Visit to local distillery today gained me some apricot flavouring , 1 mL per L booze, will try some in this experiment, yes this is a experiment main spirit run will have to be weekend job .. more to report later.


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  • wol taste is incredible

  • Congrats @starkid101. You and your Ace are perfect together.
    You are exactly the success story I was hoping for when putting together the very first one!

    Please don't stop. Your adventure is inspiration to others that will follow.

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    Yesterday I did a spirit run on apricot wash with my Ace and got 4L @ 88% ABV .. the taste of apricot was amazing, so was the beer washing down the sips of spirit @ 88% plus ice cube is shot glass plus beer = bloody good day ..

    The Ace was running at % on controller ??? Told you it was a good day, ha ha can't remember numbers..

    Anyway today I am doing 2nd strip run on old wine I am going to use to make port, had a sample of home made port during the week, your gotta remember it has a high alcohol %, I forgot..

    So now I am doing practice spirit run {stripping] ..

    • 2400W element at 58% on controller.
    • Charge is 25L @ 25% ABV.
    • I have a continues stream out at a magic 94% ABV @ 19.9°C on the 3rd liter now, I think I'm getting the hang of this baby :bz



    Some old gear


    Even older gear


    Cupboard filling up


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