COVID-19 Roll Call - Anyone else got the Rona?

I had it a couple of weeks ago. Talk about being squashed like a bug, but I lost 15kg and survived. Not recommended if you can avoid it guys.


  • Shit man, stay well. I am shitting myself for such because I have to work in close proximity to my artisan staff.

    But I am told that an aid in helping avoid Covid are huge daily doses of Vitamin C.

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    @richard said: But I am told that an aid in helping avoid Covid are huge daily doses of Vitamin C.

    Nope, not Vitamin C but D3+K2 (in a ratio of at least 100 mcg K2 per 10000 IU D3, which is to prevent calcification). There is already a ton of legit literature about it.

    The clue is that it prevents the Coronavirus from blocking the ACE2 receptor, which is why someone with a D3 deficiency is more likely to getting sick.

    D3 is one of the most important vitamins and plays a crucial role for the immune system. The recommended dosage for an adult is at least 20000 IU D3 + 200 mcg K2 (MK-7). :-B

    Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice. Please do your own research and/or consult a doctor you trust (though that may lead to nowhere, because academic medicine and the respective RDAs are lagging far behind recent research).

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  • Well I was taking all of that Vit c and Vit D and Zinc etc. Didnt work but I am still here to tell the tale. In the recovery Vit D and mega Zinc tablets are working the best. Medical Disclaimer. I am not a doctor just a patient.
    Anyway I was wondering if it was just me. Stay healthy guys and gals. COVID is the real deal. You might only have a small percentage that it kills you, but when you get it you start reading up exactly what your chances are. And macking down those vitamins and antiviral herbs as well as counting the days.

  • Good call DonMataeo I hope you make a full recovery.

  • Hope you're back on your feet again soon @DonMateo

  • @crozdog. Well work is backing off and this weekend I am mashing in on a wheat/rye white whiskey wash so I guess I am getting back on my feet. A terrible side effect of COVID is that I can only drink about 150ml of whisky and I am wrecked. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. How is the fishing going mate ? Take care in SA mate. They will do the lockdown thing but its worth it. You dont want this mate.

  • Wonderful to hear that you are up on your feet again @DonMateo :x Nasty sickness!

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    Thanks @MotherOfDragon. I am surprised I am the only here that had the Rona. Well I suppose that's good as you don't want it.

  • @DonMateo we’ve been lucky working 100% from home since March.

    Going out once a week to do groceries and other supplies and that’s it. Thanking my high speed internet and cable every day...

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