Pea Starch

Good morning,

I recently came across a connection at a facility that processes feild peas. The peas are milled to a fine flour and hulls removed, then starch and protein is separated.

Anyway we can buy this powdered starch for around 11 cents a pound, so my question is has anyone tried to mash pea starch or any kind of powdered starch?

I'm thinking cook it and convert it with enzymes. Seems like a cheap source of starch and no milling. Hydrating it may be a pain but I'm hoping the grist dehydrator will do the job.

Anyone got any thoughts?


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    Give it a shot. It's starch. Amylose and amylopectin. Any residual flavor should be minimal/mild.

    High temp alpha and glucoamylase.

    Seeing lots of references to very high gelatinization temps, so it might require some test and try to determine yields.

    Flour can be challenging to work with, clumping can be a real issue if you are mashing into hot water. I'd suggest mashing in cold, keeping agitation very high, then heating up to your gel temp.

    Straight starch, no protein, is going to be pretty neutral, and keep in mind you will need nutrient, post mash you are making high glucose syrup.

    Using peas as a gin base seems like a great marketing angle.

  • Thanks for the info @grim, I agree with mashing in cold, also thinking circulating with a pump to smash up any lumps, also may have to add enough milled grain to make it manageable. Time to do some experiments.

  • So test is in total fail ....hard to work with low yeild putting flavours

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