120V Controller Wire Question

I'm building a controller from the DIY kit but for 120V instead of 220V. What kind of wire do I use? 10/3 extension cord of some kind?


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    20 amp circuit = # 12 wire. 30 amp circuit= # 10 wire.

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  • So would I be able to use an extension cord and just wire it in with that Instead of wiring in new plugs with a new wire? Not sure if I know how to do that

  • Ok nevermind, wiring new plugs to a new cord seems easy enough, but I have an extension chord that is 12/3 so it'd be easier to cut that where the connections are made inside of the box and cut off the end where it connects to the element. Would that be ok or should I just buy a new cord with a new plug? Sorry if these are dumb questions, I'm just trying to avoid burning my apartment down

  • Electricity is best wired by an electrician. At least have an electrician look it over before plugging it in.

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  • I plan on it, I was just curious about the type of cord. I understand how it goes together, i just want to be sure about the little details that I haven't read yet. I'm going to take a stab at this tomorrow while watching the video for reference step by step.

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    Please always keep the possible risks in mind when dealing with electricity, which makes me quote our disclaimer from our Terms of Service once again:

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