EU labelling requirements for spirits question

I am going over the label requirements of exporting from the UK to the EU as I have an opportunity to correct this oversight on my current label batch. Namely the use of the estimated symbol (or lack of in my case) and the height of the figures and letters for the alcohol percentage and the volume.

I have come to the following conclusions and wondered if it was in line with others:

  • The numbers for a 70cl bottle have to 4mm high that is the 43 and the 70 = for a 70cl bottle of 43% gin.
  • The estimated symbol also has to be 4mm high.
  • The % sign doesn't have to be 4mm high.
  • The letters "vol" and "cl" dont have to be 4mm high and can be lower case.

Exciting stuff for a Sunday.

Has anyone else confirmed the same?


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