[EU/UK] Sale: 1.2m 3" (76mm) Copper Column with Stainless Tri-Clamps either end filled with SPP

any interest in this? its not surplus to my requirements. its the bit in the yellow box

looking for £400


  • forgot to say.. i have used it to make aezo and it runs about 2litres and hour with 3kw.

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    450 x 800 - 86K
  • Nice looking VM. Shiny! Interesting that you chose to run the condensers in parallel instead of in series. Kind of hard to balance cooling water flows that way, isn't it?

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • I didn't balance water - both are running full on.... the valve was used to control reflux. In reality though the valve wasn't needed.. if you are fine with heads being super compressed just run a 180 straight into a condensor.

    BTW it's wrapped in 1" insulation now if that is of interest to anyone. and thats how i stop the spp falling out.. - 3" of tighly wrapped copper mesh - iirc about 2metres worth. the mesh alone was about £40!iirc

    there is also a few hundred mls of copper SPP and about 500ml of SS SPP leftover.





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