Hi there, from Tumbledown Distillery in the Falkland Islands.

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Hi to one and all,

last march I retired, November of last year fulfilled a dream..
Set up the first commercial distillery, albeit a very mini/micro operation here in my country - the Falkland Islands.
Producing the first ever(that I can find) single malt whisky in my country.

Tumbledown Distillery | Falklands Whisky

Falklands Whisky @ Facebook

For my whisky, I use barley imported from the UK, the yeast from France, and the water, good peaty water straight of the slopes of Mount Tumbledown.

My still, is a 100 litre off the shelf reflux job.

Am I the most southerly distillery in the world?

Anyway, best wishes to all you fellow enthusiasts wherever you are.
Kindest regards from the best little country in the world
The Falkland Islands.
South Atlantic Ocean.



  • Just had a look at the maps .... did not realise that Falklands was so much further south than South Africa.

  • You have got to be close. There is an Aussie couple who have set up in Puerto Natales in the very south of Chile. I think they are at 51deg 42 " south. You are a couple of seconds lower. I am setting up in Mendoza Argentina which probably means I cant send you any product, and visiting might be difficult but good luck. Making an Islay style whisky in a remote island could be a good thing.

  • Welcome.

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  • I'm quite sure I've not seen Fachine on a botanicals list before...and yes, your well south!

  • Hey Taff, Nice website. My Argentine wife said you should have a Spanish version of your website with a label called Malvinas Whisky. I said if Argentina wants the malvinas so badly they should try and get it again. If you guys didnt have any oil and gas the Argentines wouldnt want it so badly.

    I was once driving with my wife and my mother in law past the Argentine airforce base in Mendoza. My mother in law pointed to a Mirage fighter on a post and said look this was one of the fighters that was involved in the Malvinas war. I said what so this is one of the very few that the British didnt manage to shoot out of the sky. Cant be too many more like that. Suffice to say I wasnt the favourite son in law for a few days.

    Anyway good luck Taff. If I ever get to the Falklands I will stop in for a dram. The falklands are for the Kelpers and the Argentines can go and stick it with the sun doesnt shine.

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