Need Help - Anyone here in the Area of London?

Anyone in central London that can help me start this thing up please?



  • Or diagrams for the water lines Would help

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    Did this not help?

    StillDragon® The Dash Operation Manual (PDF)

    On page 36 is the cooling setup and some pages before the element description.

    I could not tell you better than what is written in the manual.

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  • I read the manual and it was perfectly explained for me. And I am just a builder.

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    @DonMateo said: I read the manual and it was perfectly explained for me. And I am just a builder.

    Obviously yes the manual is a great help. I was just looking for some more precise information so I can dial it in from the start. I am not really in the correct real estate for dangerous mistakes and problems of this nature.thank you all for your help. I am getting closer

  • @50negra. I didnt mean to sound sarcastic. I know the feeling you have about not doing anything dangerous. I am working out of my garage right now mate and I cant afford to have anything go bang either. Ideally your still should never be closed to be able to build up pressure. The only advice I could offer, and I learnt this the hard way, is running a still is not that hard but always check and double check your cooling water flow through your dephlegmator and condensor. Always make certain your flow goes cold in through the bottom and hot water out through the top. A couple of weeks ago I thought everything was working in my cooling systems and went away from my garage during the heat up. About 20 mins later I came out and there was a plume of steam coming out the bottom of my condensor. Boy did it scare the shit out of me and then I checked and there was a kink in my cooling line and I fixed it and then the cooling water went up into the condensor and the steam stopped and nice corn moonshine came out. Boy was I pissed and scared at the same time. But afterwards now I check and then double check and then triple check to see if I have good flow with my cooling water and everything is working well. The SD manuals are great. But sometimes you still fuck up but you should only do a mistake once. Its a learning curve. I have only done about 15 distillations right now so I am still a rank beginner but each time you do it you get more and more confident. You will get there mate. Go for it. As for dialing it in each still has its own personality. I read that before I started this but its true. I have a gin still and two whiskey stills right now. The temperatures at when the runs start are pretty much the same but my Gin still for example starts condensing at around 84de C. My stipping still with my SD whiskey helmet a bit later. The first time I did it knew the temperatures from reading all the guidelines but when it first happens you go wow. IT works. Go for it mate.You will do very well.

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