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90 Proof on Tap

edited September 2017 in Accessories

Posted this on AD. Thought I'd share here. Welded a shank to an end cap and drop tube to shank. Welded a 1/2 inch elbow to a 2" tc elbow, had a couple adapters to hand pump. Perlic faucet and stag horn handle. Asked Perlick what material gaskets were made of and couldn't get an answer. Soaked them in 120 proof for 3 weeks. No ill effects. This is what I ended up with. Works as one would expect. Should be a crowd pleaser at the hunting camp. We'll see.




600 x 800 - 66K
600 x 800 - 54K
480 x 800 - 75K


  • Bloomin, bleedin, bloody brilliant.......

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  • One hell of a big hunting camp for that volume.

    Nice idea. Very similar concept to a general beer keg dispensing with the exception that the product is not carbonated and no keg spear is involved..

  • It was the smallest I could find and sometimes spend 2 weeks in the woods with friends.

  • Manhattans on Nitro?

  • Words are funny things. In oz we would never say " woods ". It would always be bush.

    What you going to hunt @Pa_bon apart from a hangover.

  • edited September 2017

    GD, Deer, duck, squirrel, rabbit, alligator, hogs, and anything else that needs killing.

    About the hangover, I have learned over the years not to try to drain every bottle every time. Thought this would be a neat project.

    Don't get to hunt as much as I used to. Work 70 hrs a week at 2 jobs. Get a lot of vacation from main job and use it for the hunt.

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