Machinist wanted - Sydney (or can post parts)


I have obtained 6 SS perforated disks that I want to try out in a continuous stripper. Problem is they are a bit thick, meaning the TC sections don't seal when clamped together. So I need to get the edges turned down.

Problem is I don't have a metal lathe or know anyone with one.

Can anyone help or recommend someone who can?

The disks are fairly light, so could be posted if need be.

Thanks in advance



  • just bumping this in case anyone knows someone who can machine 1mm off the thickness of the disks?

  • are they magnetic ? i think you will have trouble machining it off and it may have to be ground off. Easy on a magnetic bed but more difficult if you have to clamp it. What dia your stuff ? Maybe you could screw it to a blank in say 8 places then mount the blank in the lathe and turn it. then weld up the holes. Or maybe weld on O.D. to a blank then turn then grind off the holding welds and then clean up edges. Again what diameter as my lathe is pretty small.

  • 1mm?

    Drill a center hole, mount it to a drill, pinch sandpaper at the edge until you reach your desired thickness.

  • Careful attack with a belt sander would be better

  • cheers guys. been thinking about grinding or sanding as I don't have access to a metal lathe. maybe a bolt through the centre hole then in a drill press lowering onto a belt sander???

    they are 106mm diameter

  • no need , unless there already is a centre hole. I would think it would be better just use the sander on its back and rotate the disc by hand. That way you can apply the right pressure etc.

  • Don't have to sand the whole surface either. Just the edges. Keep it simple.

  • What thickness is it now and what do you want it to be ?

  • Hi jez, 2.6mm need em down to 1.5 to fit in between 2 triclamp spools

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    The easiest way is to drill a center hole in the plate and fit onto the chuck for machining down the edge of the plate so that it fits (machine a step). You can always easily close this center hole with a bolt or whatever.

    Another way is (but you again will need a machinist and welder) is to machine down a ferrule so as to allow for use with a standard full size gasket.







    ayy 1.png
    750 x 324 - 2K
    750 x 324 - 3K
    452 x 800 - 41K
    452 x 800 - 52K
    452 x 800 - 52K
    452 x 800 - 44K
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    Croz - Will it help to cut the flat off the inside of the gasket with a scalpel or is it still too thick ?

  • Richard, yes I need a step in them. cant machine TC sections as i don't have a lathe. Plus don't want to modify my standard fittings as I want to be able to swap bubble plates with perf as I choose

  • Can't really help you there but I can cut new ones out of 1.5 for you if needed.

  • Thanks Jez, I'll keep that in mind

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