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Sources For Gin Botanicals in UK?

edited January 2017 in SD Europe

Where do fellow Brits buy their gin botanicals?



  • Justingredients. They also trade on Amazon

    Abbeybotanicals is good too

    Poyntzfield nursery for weird and wacky fresh seeds and plants for growing at home

  • I am just starting to really look around as I bought a load from justingridients and frankly the juniper was not up to much and I was recommended to go to them as a smaller quantity supplier of Beacon Commodities products. Clearly a quality juniper is an absolute necessity so if anyone has any good suggestions i would welcome them.

  • Beacon Commodities are great. If you are looking for small quantities you can give The Alchemists Apothecary a go, I have had good juniper berries from them.

  • Thanks zizther I will try them, I was not convinced that justingredients even supplied me with products from Beacon even though I specified it.

  • Thanks zizther. What is the minimum quantity from Beacon?

  • Beacon provide large quantities, I don't think you will get less than 15kg - 20kg for specific botanicals.

  • Plus one for Beacon from me. Tommy is very helpful.

  • Here is a list of good botanical suppliers, not just the UK.

    • Joseph Flach & Sons (UK)
    • Beacon Commodities (UK)
    • Bristol Botanicals (UK)
    • Just Ingredients (UK, you can ask for specific origins on botanicals too)
    • KrauterMix (Germany)
    • Bora Life (Turkey)
    • Adri International (Bulgaria)
  • +1 for KrauterMix have used some of their products for several years.. cannot fault.

  • Hi there. I can offer to you botanicals for gin from Bulgaria. In fact Adri and Kr Mix have bought from us juniper and sloe -

  • Organic Herb Trading are very good, down in Somerset, UK. Trade in lots (website says +500) of different botanical ingredients, all certified organic - minimum spend of £50/MOQ 0.5Kg up to large volumes, call them to get a good price on anything over 25Kg!

    Offering organic Juniper from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Albania this year.

  • Maybe you UK small batch guys can join together for bulk orders?

    StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area

  • That's exactly what I do with several small distillers in the Netherlands - I buy in bulk (75+ kg) and sell at cost price. Juniper, coriander, cardamom.

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