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Hi all,

Can anybody recommend a good distiller software to keep track of your day to day business? From recipes, to batches, distilling, storage, warehouse, sales etc..

So far I have built my own system in php and mysql but time is precious and I don't have time to develop it as much as I would anymore..

It should be cloud based since I want to access it from anywhere...

I found some with Google but I want to check if you guys have any preferred solutions.


Gardsbrenneriet AS, a small distillery located in Sandane, Norway


  • Distillitrack is a member here and has exactly what you are looking at. @DistilliTraK .

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    Excel.. And I have 20+ years experience in software development.

    The requirements just change too much, it's much easier to just add a column and tweak a living excel doc than to have to spend an hour recoding something and updating tables and queries to accommodate.

    Warehousing and Sales are common use cases, and there are lots of decent cloud-hosted platforms there.

  • I think Distilltrack has some kind of solution?

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  • I do, and it is there. I am starting up some new things too. I just put out a spring fix release. I was ill for a number of months last year so times were slow.

    I hesitate to run it outa Office 365 in a cloud because folks will trip out about it's legality, and you get into crap with m$uck over that. Mainly, I am concentrating on adding the reporting for DSP's in the US, and a member here asked me to look into a localized copy for use in his country based upon their rules.

    Not all of us are computer workers, or care to be tasked with understanding excel's use (a programming language in it's own right). DT is written like a mini-OS, but centered around distilling. So, plug ins, or replacement modules simply unbolt, or bolt in.

    I disagree with the idea that applications should not be written when an excel might do. I work daily with 12 meg excel sheets on financials and they suck keeping track of the formulas and abstracts once it becomes large and wieldy with upteen tabs and hidden off sheet references.

    There are things in manufacturing that are common regardless the input and outputs, once the processes are standardized. Does that mean that things don't required change or, new functionality? - no, but with a good foundation, the changes don't rape one like a ATF agent with a tax lien.

    I have been developing software solutions and computer infrastructure for almost 40 solar cycles (This is my 39th). Large scale business applications/operating systems code on mainframes, mid-range and x86. All the way from Long Distance de-regulation to modern day system exits in assembler - And I bring a lot of that experience into the app. Some have used it and liked it a lot. Some haven't, and, they got refunds- Yep no muss, no fuss :)

    It comes with a 30 session free trial, full function, give it a try, see for yourself. And, if you have excel (and the excel version) you can export your inputs to excel when you are done with your trial to save your work.

    Cheers - I'll go back to my corner in the man-cave, now..

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  • @DistilliTraK Thanks for all the info. I have been talking to a coder/designer who will help develop my php/mysql system further. I need a flexible system which I can add new features to as the need arises. I have alot of different processes going on and your system as other I have looked at unfortunatelly only do part of what I need. It must also be online since I work from different parts of Norway from time to time and need access to all my data from different computers.

    Thanks anyway.

    Gardsbrenneriet AS, a small distillery located in Sandane, Norway

  • I am sure @DistilliTraK 's solution would have some value, but likely not ideal since it is for US... heck, in the US, even the difference in state reporting requirements makes a solution very location specific...

    Also, the tool is only as good as the data you put in. Make sure you are really documenting action you take with spirits, being able to track a bottle or a case all the way back through every container, and to all raw ingredients at any point in the future, and this should be separate from you program/spreadsheet...

    The side benefit of crating your own spreadsheets is that you understand deeply what is going on... I have been doing reports for US Fed and State of FL for two years, and still tweak something every few months in my spreadsheets...

    In my honest opinion, I would visit, in person someone else that uses spreadsheets in the exact jurisdiction as you for taxes, bring a nice gift of spirits, and ask to get a scrubbed copy of their latest version and promise to not pester them about why anything is the way it is... nothing worse than offering something for free, then having to spend time explaining it....

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    @CothermanDistilling said: nothing worse than offering something for free, then having to spend time explaining it....

    You and I don't always agree, but on this I agree with you 100%

    In my business I try to help those who cannot afford to pay for my services when I can. Sometimes it seems no good deed go unpunished. Sometimes the ones who pay the least are the ones who demand the most.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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