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Where to place the Electric Parrot?

edited March 2016 in Accessories

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded my Baby Crystal Dragon and I wondering where would be the best place to locate the T section for the Electric Parrot.

I have put up a few to pictures to give you an idea of my have set up.

Should I leave it up the top below the elbow or would it be best just above the PC?




600 x 800 - 88K
600 x 800 - 73K
600 x 800 - 81K


  • What you have should be OK but there is a chance that you get some air on the probe at very low take off rates. That will throw out the reading.
    In between the deph and the 180 bend is probably the best spot as the heavy vapour will push put all the air and give good readings even at a trickle. I really need to do up an SD manual but I'm stuck using my phone for a while.
    Shoot me a pm if you have any issues and I'll get you some more info.

  • I would think that connected to the deph might transfer hot or cold from it a bit more through the clamps and tee than on the other side.

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    If it were me, I would keep it in an electric birdcage.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Testing shows that the correct probe length negates any outside influence through conduction and I'm not going to have the vapour cooling discussion again if that's what you're thinking.

  • put one in each location and compare the two... question answered beyond a shadow of a doubt...

  • Like I said, it already has been in testing but go ahead.
    Air is your biggest issue. You need to think of the heavy vapour acting a bit like water.
    It wells up in the column the pours over the Lyne into the PC.
    If you don't have a torrent of vapour going through there to wash out all the air then you could be getting readings influenced by the cooler air.
    The way it's positioned in the photo I'd be surprised if you got good acuracy when taking heads off at a few drips per second. Mid run, taking off at a steady stream would be fine IMO.
    If I were you Jez and I just got this new set up to play with I'd be running and rerunning the same batch of booze just playing and learning.
    Try both setups like CD suggest. Just see what you learn.
    Personally I find the more failures you're willing to have earlier on the more successes you're setting yourself up for in the future. Learning is half the fun for me.

  • Ok thanks guys that's it I will run the same batch with the T in the two different positions and go from there.

    @jacksonbrown I have run it few times with four plates and the sensor above the PC and from what I can gather it worked ok.

    but I'm only new to this type of set up and still only learning. When I first purchased the baby I was going to get the stainless parrot then I read on here that the electric parrot was going to be available soon so I waited till it was available so I have never used the system with the stainless parrot.

    @CothermanDistilling If I had the money I would love to run two at the same time and the stainless parrot as well.

  • Its only at the start of the run when you run slow that there maybe an issue and you can't really use a conventional parrot to good effect then anyway.
    Foreshots would contaminate a standard parrot and they work off density anyway so the foreshot reading would be BS with anything other than ETOH and water.

    In a normal run, what you have is fine. It's only when you start piss farting around at the limits and stop and start that you might get erratic behaviour.
    It's a pretty robust design so it should be fine.

  • @jacksonbrown Any plans for a 4-20mA version?

  • Not at this stage.
    Demand drives everything and the distilling industry ain't great at looking forward.

  • Can you give me a pin with a 0 - 2000hz output. I have my own pwm to ao converters?

  • PWM but fixed freq, 0-5V?
    Accuracy will be party dependant a power supply quality.

  • edited March 2016

    Prefer 4-20mA its not power supply dependent. My pwn to AO will work from 9v to 36vdc. I can change the input frequency to suit the pwm output.

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    Looking good

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    Came across this unit and appears to be really interesting. Well priced and performs multiple functions.

    The eDrometer @ STM Instruments


    600 x 583 - 30K
  • That thing looks good! Especially as it does both gravity and ABV. That's about close to ten times from Anton Paar!

    @richard do you know if the accuracy claim is real? What's the measurement method?

  • No. Just came across it on the web.

  • shame it isn't TTB certified

  • in the electric cage...

  • @Kill_Devil_Spirit_Co said: shame it isn't TTB certified

    meh, still highly useful, you only need that TTB approved when you gauge to bottle (and checking during bottling if you wan to get picky) and

    They hint(but I doubt they will anytime soon, get it certified... "The eDrometer is not TTB certified at this point"

  • Have tried to contact them to buy a unit. No response. I fear that they have shut up shop.

    About 1/4 the price of the Anton Paar unit hand held unit.

  • edited July 2016

    Wow, didn't I propose the exact same idea two years ago? That can't be anything more than a thermometer, accurate scale, and a fixed volume vessel (as evidenced by the overflow). Nice to know my crazy ideas aren't so crazy.

    All it does is weigh a known volume of liquid, correct for temperature, and calculate the density. I doubt the accuracy is anywhere near where they say though.

    I've been keeping my eye out for an older benchtop Anton Paar.

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    Wow completely scratch that, they are using vibrating tube? Wow, that's not a bad deal. Back to my ideas being crazy.

  • Pop quiz -
    What ABV is az?

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    By Volume - 97.2%

    By Weight - 95.6%

    At 1 bar pressure, which would be reached at 78.15c.

  • I think that whole TTB definition of Neutral/Vodka confuses it.

  • You know, it's much easier to hit azeo when your distillate is coming out at 50c.


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