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Santa Came Early This Year - Our All-Time Favorites =))


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  • I know I am a minor contributor here but Feliz dia de Papa Noel. I hope Santa Claus brings you all the distilling gear that you could possibly dream of ( SD of course) as well as cheap barrels if your into whisky. This year has been tough for most, lets hope 2021 is a lot better.

  • Is it December already?

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  • Santa 'immune' to COVID, can still make Christmas rounds says WHO

    'COVID-19-immune' Santa Claus "will be able to travel around the world and deliver presents", says the World Health Organization who reports having had a "brief chat" with him. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage, WHO's lead on the crisis Maria Van Kerkhove tells a press briefing she understands many children are worried how the virus could impact Father Christmas.

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  • edited December 2020

    Hairdo was a challenge aye? lol.

    I forgot all about that band. The old videos definitely remind me of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

  • Happy Christmas all from down south in South Africa

  • edited December 2020

    Well it’s been a shit week with the cyclone Friday that wiped out my fiji family’s farm and my new baby ducks, had all of my savings stolen Monday, then a traffic accident Thursday (my fault and expense of course) and a two hour drive to the police station today (Christmas) for no particular reason. The coming weeks will see me losing thousands, selling everything losing all I’ve worked for for 8 years and making the decision I’ve feared for over three decades.

    Hard to be or even feel super cheery, but with my last ounce of will power I do most sincerely wish everyone here a wonderful season of hope and joy and thankfulness for what you do have. Further I wish you all the greatest success in your endeavors and will rejoice with you in your successes and commiserate in your misses.

    Please do have a blessed season and a kick ass 2021!! :)


  • Condolences, be strong and best wishes

  • @richard said: Condolences, be strong and best wishes

    On the positive side, i do have a great idea for a project that might bear some fruit in a couple years. Should be fun and lots of work.

  • Let us know how we can help

  • Thank you. Not much to be done now. I just have to put in the work and hope they reopen flights out soon.

  • Did you lose your distilling plant ??

  • No. I sold my still to another company over a year ago then went to work for them. They did marketing and sales I did distilling. But between management , Loss of tourism and the situation it’s all gone bad. So on to the next thing I guess.

    I’ve some plans for a distilling related project that should be pretty cool for everyone. Let see how it pans out tho.

    Meantime I got to get a job I guess. Ugh.

  • Sorry to hear mate. Hang in there & as @grim said. reach out if you need anything

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