Fermenting Whey from Cow Milk

Hi all :-)

I have been reading posts here about fermenting Whey and have found some articles which are interesting. I have almost unlimited access to sweet Whey from a local cheese maker and they are now hoping to use the Whey in Ethanol production, rather than throwing it away. I know that some people successfully have fermented Sheep Whey and Goat Whey and have distilled it into Vodka, Gin and so on. The big problem is how to get it fermented. I have read that Kluyveromyces marxianus or Candida Kefyr, can ferment lactose directly. As I think that they can ferment both Galactose and Glucose ? which are sugars in Whey?

If anyone in this forum have any information on fermenting Whey, I would be ever so grateful if they will shear some information on the subject. Of course I understand that recipes are not shared, I am only interested in the general process.

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Location: Norway


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