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Weird Deep Tails



  • @Kapea said: My Wüsthof rostfrei kitchen knives stick nicely to my magnetic knife bar. 30+ years of service without the first hint of rust

    There's a rule fur Germans against rusting, so no surprise there...

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    Almost all of my triclamps are magnetic and a fair number of fittings too. The scrubbies I tested are magnetic. I'm sure all of this is stainless, but as mentioned, there are different grades.

  • Aren’t 400 series stainless magnetic?

  • There we go I learnt something, I didn't realise so much stainless was magnetic.

    Anyway done another run with the still last night (stripping without scrubbers) and we didn't get any weird smells or flavours like we were with the scrubbers so I'm still fairly certain it was them. Maybe they still had stuff on them from manufacturing that didn't come off when we washed them and done a vinegar run, but we might try find something else to pack it with..

  • I've found scrubbies take a lot of work to get rig of all the machine oil. running em through the dishwasher many times was the easiest way

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    That’s the way I would have done it. Several passes thru dishwasher on the toughest setting with plenty of powder then a few more with none. I do my column component and plates the same way occasionally

  • I use to wash my plates, caps and scrubbies through the dishwasher. Worked a charm. Sometimes I needed a good physical scrub for the first few plates, particularly when running rum. Other than that, the dishwasher is great for the hobbyist.

  • What @TheMechWorrior said

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    Certain grades of stainless steel are magnetic, @Kapea's knifes for example. It depends on the grade of stainless. The common (also normally less expense) grades we like to use in our craft, 304, and 316 SS, are non-magnetic. However, may grades are magnetic:

    • Ferritic SS: grades 409, 430 and 439
    • Martensitic SS: grades 410, 420, 440

    See the below link for a more detailed explanation:

    Is Stainless Steel Magnetic?

    The more difficult question to be answered is "What grade is the SS scrubber?" I do not know of easy ways to determine the grade of steel once it has been produced.

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