Faucet to 1/2 NPT Adapter

Trying to mount a quick connect camlock to my utility sink for easier access to hose things down or fill buckets without having to lug the in and out of the sink.

Looking for a fitting to transition from my faucet 55/64 male to a 1/2 NPT male or female. Is this a unicorn? Does anyone know who is selling something like this? The only option I found so far is to got 55/64 -> 3/4 GHT -> 1/2 NPT


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    I have a quick connect adapter that goes from sink (threaded aeration screen housing) to portable dishwasher quick connect. I thought it was a unicorn until I mentioned it to a plumbing sales guy at Home Depot. He knew exactly what it was and took me over to a drawer full of them. The adapter is FPT. I have no idea what the sizes are though.

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  • Those adapters used to be very common when folks had stand alone/rolling dish washers!

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  • Pretty sure homey dopey sells em.

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