How much Power do you need to run 4" ProCap Plates?

I have 3 x 4" plates, the first two have 3 ProCaps and the third is standard bubble caps, lately I've been using the 3 plates during stripping runs @ around 2.6KW with 25lt wash at 13%

The two ProCap plates don't look like they are working very hard while the standard bubble cap plate looks quite active.

Do you think for my setup, with only a domestic power supply, that the ProCaps are a bit overkill and I would be better off using standard bubble caps?


  • Based on what you have been describing, I think so.

    The 4" plated column guys that have the power, often run at about 3000 watts as a spirit run speed. You are "stripping" with less than that.

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    When you say "I think so" do you mean you think standard bubble caps would be better for my lower power?

    If I add my packed section which is made from a 6 section Baby/Ace Crystal Dragon packed with 6mm rachig rings, it floods if I go above about 2.4KW with a 30% boiler charge.

    I'm looking at increasing the diameter of my packed section to overcome this, I'm just worried I don't have enough power to get the best out of the ProCaps.

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    The packed section is typically a limiting factor as it can handle less power than the plates. You can use caps at lower power levels and the upper level for the ProCaps seems to be about 2kW per cap I think.

    If your plates are not active enough for your liking then switching to standard caps might make it more active - it all depends on how many caps you use and the total open area of the cap slots.

    It might be interesting to calculate the open area of the 2 styles of plates and compare the results to your observations on plate activity.

  • Do you have the extensions in? I found that the large flat area on top the ProCap let half the splashes that landed on it into the downcomer, and even the extender all the way in reduced that a lot...

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    @Smaug said: The 4" plated column guys that have the power, often run at about 3000 watts as a spirit run speed. You are "stripping" with less than that.

    I strip with two standard plates in the centre of the pot and 6kw.
    I use 3.6kw for spirit runs, this includes for vodka with 9 standard plates and a packed section. AG washes use a little less because they foam.
    Plates need power otherwise they smear. Procaps flow really well but my experience is that they are less forgiving when they are pushed to their limit power wise. I think the still can only run as fast as its slowest plate, which are the standard plates. I also mix in perfs, they are really stable when you mix them with bubblecaps.
    Feed it as much power as it can handle.

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