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Its Christmas!!

Today I got a 50kg parcel from @punkin. Wow that man can pack! It was like unwrapping a Russian doll, felt like Christmas. This stuff is stunning its exactly as I imagined, no unwelcome surprises, perfect :) I gotta say it, your merch is great the flask set, towel, oak samples (Cunning tactic, now I'll need the 5kg bag), dap, foam its all awesome. Thanks again for organizing that welding, top shit :)
Look forward to the arrival of my OD controller and putting it through its paces.



  • Happy Christmas :)

  • Fantastic mate, glad it all got there safe and sound. Those windows are great "Let There Be Light, and There Was Light". :D

    Well, you do have a $50 credit that can be spent on oak. 8-X


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  • What an awesome looking rig! Did you go pro caps?

    Should organize a brew day so us locals can admire it. Still running off a keg boiler or upgrading that to?

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    All procaps, the five inch rigs only have one option.

    Six plates, reflux extension, gin basket, pot still. Every option possible. This rig will run rings around anything below 8".

    And do it in fine style. I believe a boiler upgrade is in the near future.

    Ahh, thinking on it i believe the GB4 went to another customer. i have shipped a lot of units in the last couple of weeks.

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    @jonno Picture doesnt do it justice! The 4" sight glasses are something special. Still got the keg boiler, but its next on the upgrade list. Only had a few hours to play with it so far, conviently it's about the same height and weight as my missus. I let her know she would need to find somewhere else to sleep :D When I get all the bits together your more than welcome to come have a play.

  • Sounds awesome mate!

  • It is Christmas. Received a care package from @punkin today with the towel, hats and hip flasks and, you guessed it, I get to keep the flasks. The rest was grabbed up as spoils of war by she-that-enjoys-a-good-battle.
    Thanks Punkin!!

  • @Lloyd: well, you have just reminded me, that we have to send your Christmas parcel early, so that it actually gets there for Christmas. (shame on me that it came so late last year) X_X

    @vooharmy: Good for you! We would be happy to see more, when it is all built together. Such a beauty should not be hidden! B-)

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  • Sent my daughter in the US a few bucks today and said Please shop for yourself for Christmas. Because I truly suck at shopping for others.
    I even suck at shopping for me!

    So to everyone that wants a special gift from the guy behind the curtain, you are at a strong disadvantage and will probably be disappointed. I can picture and maybe even produce a 60" diameter column on a 20,000L boiler but cannot seem to successfully shop for my own underwear without traveling 16,000 miles and asking my daughter-in-law to pick it out :\">

    But I did get sexy drawers though on my recent trip to the US, snug in just the right places, and they really do drive women wild...

    I know this to be true because the neighbor ladies run around screaming and dazed. Then the police show up but that's another story and I don't want to bore you all with the details.

  • Spongebob boxers. I assume drives em crazy

  • Was going to go for Speedo but worried they would overheat and die =))

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    I've already hinted to you for the gift i want tucked in my next sea freight :D

    Also looking forward to seeing this rig in all it's glory and seeing the figures after a couple of runs.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • How much power you looking at throwing at it voo? I'd imagine at least 7.2kw?

  • I have a 15a and 10a side by side on their own dedicated circuits.The keg is setup for 4800w, when I upgrade the boiler I will go 7200w. I doubt I will bother to add anymore power than this but will certainly ensure I can add a 3rd 3600w if I have to. I wasn't actually expecting it to arrive so quickly so the minute I have a free day, probably Monday, I will set up some washes.

  • Throw as much as you can at it. I've got 2 3600 and a 2400 in my 120lt boiler it takes around 35 -45 mins to get to temp with 90lts I've often thought about changing out the 24 for another 36. Oh buy the way nice looking unit. I'd love one of those aswell.

  • I enjoy having 30 minute boil times. Enough time to get the still together, water lines setup a quick shiv and pull up the chair for hours of fun

  • Should be time for updated pictures @vooharmy?

  • Working everyday since it arrived :( I'm at home tommorrow and promise an update!

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    Finally got a moment to mount the still on my keg!! Not able to run it yet because I have no wash ready. Only have approximately 30cm of roof height in my shed but by the looks of things I need that 120L boiler, hope it fits... You can see right inside there is nothing hiding, I dont have have the plates setup in the picture but you can definitely see the a lot of the action. Its a Staino CD!


    375 x 800 - 41K
  • Nice looking rig there. It's going to be an awesome setup when you get your OD controller. Oh by the way that was looking good when I had a look at it last weekend when I was picking up mine.

  • edited September 2014

    @mickymoonshine show the us yours :)

  • Looks fantastic mate. I'll get those measurements of the 120l to you once the sun comes up. Although the drawing i have says 811mm. So you may need to put a manhole in the ceiling. :-\"

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

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    My boiler is about 850mm to the still mount, but i have the legs screwed well down. If you took the feet out you'd save 50mm if that helps. You'd need a reducer as the stock mounts are now 6" on all the 120 and 200l boilers. A 6 x 5" short reducer will work though, they are only 40mm high.

    I'd have to uncrate and check the height of your boiler when you order before shipping to doubly ensure the new stock is the same height.

    You will also save some height by using a 5x3 tee with an end cap on top and a single 90 above the reflux condensor instead of the twin 90's and reducer. The tee version comes in at 160mm and the reducer/180 version comes in at 260mm so a 90mm saving there could be significant. I'm happy to swap out the extra fittings for a credit on the new ones if you decide to go that way and send the other stuff back.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • @vooharmy said: mickymoonshine show the us yours :)

    I sure will when I get home and get it set up.

  • We all love the look of a shiny still. :)


  • You have another pressie on its way ;;)

  • Thanks OD! Its a beaut mate, can't wait to fire it up!

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