Howdy from the Ozarks of Missouri

Just joined you all today. Was hunting down a controller for my 2" boca,after burning up one (can't push 27 amps through a 25 amp hole), and then ordered a Chinese 10000 watt scr that needed reordering most every where, then didn't work as well as I hoped. 'nuff of my problem..ordered parts to make your DIY controller..were out of kits So, problem solved!!
I am a retired Kansas farm store mgr. Moved to Missouri a few years ago. After the Japanese bought Jim Beam, I got tired of supporting them. Since I'm a beer brewer to being with , decided to distill my own. Built a 2" boca as well as a 2" pot still.Still heads are mounted on a 15 gal. keg. When not working in the shop (make toys and wood boxes), I will be found reading, fishing or eye-catching.


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