Ace of Hearts Plumbing Connection?

hey looking at going from t500 copper edition to the ace of hearts
with the t500 you have a needle valve connection thing that you put on the laundry tap and connect your cold inlet pipe to that
how does the ace of hearts connect up looking at keeping it in the laundry for convenience purposes + i don't have water at the shed
cheers for any info submitted


  • Really! No one has commented! Sorry bvm, most of the smaller condensers in the range come with 3/8" threaded connectors on the condensers. You can either use push fit adaptors, or my choice would be to use a screw thread to compression adaptor. I like to use stainless flexible hoses (typically 12" long) to make a flexible joint onto a rigid or semi rigid coolant supply line. Just screw in the adaptor of your choice into the condenser, and use any hose that you think is suitable.

    Stay clear of PVC hoses unless they are reinforced because they get soft when hot.

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    Assuming you are in Australia mate the Ace of Hearts package comes with it's own plumbing as per the pictures.

    There is a needle valve to control the flow to the reflux connector and 2 x 'Y' splitters. If you are running on town water and have to pay for it i would suggest adding a needle valve so you can control the flow to the product condensor separately. The hoses are short at 1m on the Ace, so you can order a couple extra metres of each at the time and i'll cut it all one length. You could also add a thermotee at the same time if you wanted to monitor the water temp after the reflux condensor.

    The end connections that go to your plumbing are 1/2" bsp (standard aussie plumbing thread) so you just need to go from the male 1/2" ends to whatever is on your taps. Bunnings or specialist plumbing shops, irrigation shops should have the fittings in plastic or brass.

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  • cheers all im in the brisbane valley in qld so those connections you speak of punkin should be easy to get i spose when im ready $ wise ill ask for a quote for the extra required

    didnt think anyone would reply straight away Myles it was saturday night and im sure alot of distillers would be sampling the fruits of their labour anywhoos cheers for the answers to my questions im sure as time goes on ill have many more

  • No worries mate, i tend to stay away from the forums of an evening for that very reason. Yep all the fittings you need will be easy to get, and i can set it all up as a one click buy including freight when you are ready.

    Just shoot me an email to when you are ready.

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  • cheers punkin i spose a rough price would be good so i know how much cash ill need i think its better if i call during the week and let you know what i need if thats ok ill call then and get the ball rolling cheers

  • Sure thing, you can work it out for yourself from the links i showed above or i'm happy to have a chat. :)]

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