Lost and Found

SHE decided that today I'd finally finish unpacking the last few boxes from our move to a new apartment a year ago.

FOUND! A liter of Kahlua that I made and bottled two years ago.
I gotta tell you I have never had better Kahlua before and, sadly, probably never will again.
How it survived the first year is a mystery as it rarely gets past two months of aging.

Two year old Kahlua vs twenty year old scotch? That's an easy one, scotch is for evening sipping. Fortunately, Kahlua can be splashed into the morning coffee and makes a right tasty lunchtime aperitif. And, more importantly, there was no 20 year old booze discovered in the packing boxes treasure chests.


  • Lost.

    1 fermenter full of Summer Ale to my house infection. Pity too, cause i'm running perennially low on beer.

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  • FOUND!
    12 GB of music MP3s and MP4s from the computer I brought from the US. Lost for the last 4 years or so and its good to rock with the thousands of oldies again. Searched for them several times and Finally! found them.
    Quite the collection of memorabilia to let live again.

    ...was buried deep in a folder that saved the guts of my old laptop in the final moments of its life as I migrated to the next laptop and operating system as the old laptop entered the Great Beyond and into digital heaven. May it rest forever in zeros and ones blissful peace.

    PARTY TIME! Butt sliding up and down against the wall and a whole lotta shaking going on...
    Throw some here and some over there... Oh yeah, boogie gots me now. Look away if you must, this may not be pretty to watch. Hips pulsing with rhythm almost on beat with the music and dance steps more akin to a paraplegic scrambling eggs with his teeth - still I enjoy it.

    These days of multiple multi-tarabyte drives, ya' know? Big files and small can hide.

    Disclaimer: No paraplegic was injured during the first hour of my butt dance.

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