Odin in Australia

Odin in Australia

Postby Odin » Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:51 am

Hi guys,

I will be in Australia from March 7 till March 14th. In / near Melbourne.

Any HD-members that live out there and want to grab a drink?

Regards, Odin.

Location: Three feet below sea level

I thought i would post this here for those that know him and might want to have a meet up...

I think Emptyglass maybe putting a shindig together for Friday night as his place ... bet you guys would be welcome if that happens..

if not come to HD or Emptyglasses forum and send Odin a message for a meet and drink... or pm me and i will pass it on for you..

happy stillin



  • This sure would be a great meet up Odin has so much to contribute and I'm sure it would be a bloody good night thanks for sharing FS

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