Private Sale 4" Crystal Dragon. Gonzolution 5 Plate 4" Copper Bubble Column

Due to down sizing i have surplus my personal distilling equipment.

Every item is in perfect working order, the Crystal Dragon is currently 4 plate, but can be supplied however you want it.

The boiler has a gas skirt that protects the element fittings (has no elements currently) and a welded drain that extends out the front as per the photos. Runs perfectly well on a 3 ring camping burner and adjustable regulator (not included), will run just as well on three elements or a combination of gas and elements for someone who does not have the large circuits for fast heat up available but still wants fine control. The boiler has since had the plastic manway knobs removed and stainless ones fitted. The gas setup i have will bring 120l to the boil in around an hour.

The still has been used half a dozen times, the boiler has been used probably 50 more times to heat strike water.

Being a private sale cash offers will be given priority.

I am looking for $1500 for the boiler. BOILER SOLD

I think the Crystal Dragon should fetch similar offers depending on the options required.


Stock photo, but you get the drift.

Shipping can be arranged or a road trip to set up if you are close enough.
I would prefer to sell the boiler with one or the other of the still heads.




This is a state of the art hand crafted copper column by one of the best (if not the best) artisans in Australia, @stubbydrainer .

StillDragon Bubble caps on custom stainless grooved plates that are sealed with silicon o rings, the whole 5 plate tree slides out to give access to the unit. Fully custom adjustable downcomers so you can vary the plate depth at will. 3" SGK windows, needle valve controls for the counterflow condensor air bleed, reflux condensor feed and product condensor feed, three temp monitors to measure reflux water temperature, top plate temperature and vapour temp above the all copper condensor.

The parrot is a detachable copper unit with stainless union.

4" triclamp still mount etc. This is one of the best units i have ever seen and no expense was spared in the design or fabrication.

The photos below give some indication more photos are available on request. The unit has been used 4 times.

Stubbydrainer was at my house last week when i nervously broached the subject of parting with my baby. When i asked him what he thought it should be offered at he thought for a while and then said he thought it was worth $3k.

I am open to sensible offers. This is a single unit and would be extremely difficult to ship. If you were somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane it may well be worth a road trip or at least to meet half way somewhere.





This is a regretted sale brought about by facing the fact that i am not likely to utilize the gear anymore, not a fire sale. Somebody will get some beautiful units at well below retail prices, but i don't wish to be lowballed by someone thinking i need the money. [-X

407 x 800 - 48K
800 x 600 - 110K
800 x 600 - 104K
533 x 800 - 53K
800 x 615 - 46K
800 x 533 - 54K
800 x 600 - 93K

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