StillDragon North America TTB Reporting Requirements

We at StillDragon North America have been contacted by the TTB and they are requiring that we submit certain sales data in accordance with 27 CFR 29.

While we disagree with the TTB and believe that retailers are not within the scope of the statute, we are a small business and simply do not have the resources for a legal battle. Therefore, we must comply with their request or face criminal penalties.

We are being required to submit all sales of any tanks, such as the ones listed in the “Tanks” category on the webpage, and complete still systems, such as the ones listed under “Still Configurations.” So, to reiterate, we must report the sales for our Dash systems, our Crystal Dragon systems, our Milk Cans, Pot Belly Kettles, Fermenters, and Mash Tuns.

We are NOT being required to submit any sales of individual parts and components.

For sales we are reporting we must supply the customer name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address, serial number(if applicable), and ship date.

We at StillDragon are strong believers in our customers’ right to privacy, and we apologize for what we perceive as a governmental overreach.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your ongoing business and support.

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    We have just received a letter from the TTB which states we are no longer required to report ANY ongoing sales.

    However, we are still required to keep records for 3 years, and they reserve the right to request sales information in the future.


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