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If any Aussies are interested there has been a 2 part series Megafactories on over the past few weeks about the making of the new Bombay Sapphire distillery. I missed the first one but watching the second part now on the channel 10 catch up web site and it's pretty interesting, they are converting an old paper mill and have built 2 awesome green houses to grow the botanicals. People in other countries may be able to watch as well but it may be region blocked.

For those interested: Megafactories @ tenplay (AU)

Remark by @Moonshine: Videos from tenplay indeed not accessible from outside AU!


  • It's actually 3 or more parts and you get to see the giant copper stills being hoisted in by crane and put together.

  • Yes, I saw part one by fluke.

    I enjoyed those Italian made copper stills getting placed into position. Did they say 12,000 litres per day?

    The strange thing is I can't find the program listed in the newspaper or guide (and yes I did ask the missus for help to relocate it in the guide).

    Thanks for posting the comment and link.

  • i watched part 1 on Friday night. Interesting stuff. not a lot of focus at this point on the stills or the rest of the process kit - mainly construction related, but interestin all tha same.

    Dunno about the 12,000L / day but did recall hearing a million bottles (i think it was per week). No matter that's a lot of gin!

    looks like those beautiful copper stills will operate in batch mode, so there would need to be some downtime for cleaning, recharging & heat up.

  • Yep it was 1 million bottles per week. The show is mainly concentrating on the construction of those crazy hot houses and the many issues they have with them.

  • I saw the final part of this program last night.

    They talked more about the stills (holding 11,000 litres I believe) and showed the massive herb-baskets.

    Tracking down the GOP plant was also interesting.

  • bugger, I forgot that was on last night

  • You can watch it on the ten catchup website. They also did a bit on the still makers in their workshop and they were making dining table sized perf plates!

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    Anyone interested in this you can find on YouTube Search.

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