New book arrived

I hope I find time soon to read it !! image

book 2.JPG
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  • i enjoyed reading the 1st edition. couldn't find a reasonably priced solenoid valve, so didn't progress past reading it.

  • Riku has been a great contributor to the hobby for a long time.

    I really should get a copy of his book because I don't understand his concept.

    It appears to be completely air cooled including the reflux so it must be a slow producer?

    I must be wrong because croz mentions a solenoid valve.

  • lloyd, the cover pic is just 1 of his designs. His "Thors Hammer" & other designs are included as well

  • Ah, that makes sense now. Smaug please buy a copy and send it to me.

  • I recently bought a copy of Riku's book as well.

    For a small book, it's packed with lots of info, pics and drawings. It's nicely set out and easy to read. Only drawback for me is I would have liked bigger pics. My eyesight isn't as sharp as it used to be.

    One day I'll build his Thors Hammer / heads trap using SD parts, but that will be down the track.......

  • Smaug, please buy a trailer mounted smoker and send it to me.

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  • @punkin said: Smaug, please buy a trailer mounted smoker and send it to me.

    If this is to become a wishlist, I'd like to have such a beautiful Gator offset-smoker please. :)

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  • And all I asked for was a stinking book? I may need to reconsider my wish.

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    Smaug, please buy me one of these smokers.


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  • We have the World Championship Steak Cookoff here in my home town...

    there is a 90 ft long bbq pit that comes every year ... they just did a tv show on it couple weeks ago.. as worlds largest bbq pt will post when i know it gonna air...

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