Bubble Plate above Column doubling as Reflux Centering?

Now that the toolbox control panel is finished I am putting the finishing touches on the hardware for my new 4" hybrid plate/packed setup as configured for its maiden neutral run. I will be running about 12.5 gal of sugar wash low wines that have been sitting with a bit of baking soda for the last few months while I have been getting the rig situated.

I currently have a mish mash of SD parts: 2 x 4" perf plates, one 4" bubble plate, four sight tees and a 4" dephleg. I also have a 36" (~910mm) section of 4" tc pipe that is packed with scoria that I have screened to quarter/nickle sized pieces. As I was setting everything up today with the usual 3 plates under the column, I realized that I did not have anything to center the reflux coming off the 4" dephleg at the top. I then pulled my bubble plate from the bottom and switched the downcomer from an outer hole to dead center and installed it above to column (hooray for modularity!) so it is now setup with a sight tee connected to the boiler w/o a plate, topped by two perf plates in sight tees, the 36" socria column, the bubble tee, dephleg, then takeoff, PC etc.

So my question before I run, for those with experience with similar sized rigs, do you see any problem/noticeable loss in efficacy by putting the bubble plate above the column, or could I run in to any plate flooding issues with this set up?

The secondary benefit I realized is that in this setup, I get a great view of the the reflux coming off the dephleg to keep me occupied :) Once I get the finishing touches put on and get this run underway, I will post a few pictures of the complete and finished setup, but until then, thanks for the help!


  • If I understand the description of your system, I don't think you'll need anything to center the reflux coming off the dephlegmator. If its level, it will drip almost uniformly from its lower surface.

  • Ah, I suppose you are right, I am pulling from my experience using smaller columns and offset RCs, so I didn't even think of the fact that the dephleg would spread it out. Thanks mate! May still keep that tee up there to see the refluxing goodness :)

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