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[SOLD] FS/FT - 2 x 8" Short Tri-Clamp Ferrules and Gaskets

I acquired a pair each of 8" tri clamp ferrules and silicon gaskets a while back for converting a 55 gal drum into a stripping boiler, but have since realized that I don't have the power to justify going that big and am scaling back to 6". As such, I am looking to either trade these for some 6" fittings or ferrules or sell them outright. The price from Smaug for these comes to $75, so Ill put a price/trade value at $65 shipped obo. Sorry the pics are kinda crappy, all I have is my phone presently, and that is a 2" ferrule for scale in the first picture (not included in the sale). Thanks for looking folks.



600 x 579 - 64K
600 x 622 - 65K


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