5" Dash with Procaps Promotion

We're trying to get as much procap information up as quick as possible. To that end this special is aimed at those who are thinking of ordering the new 5" Dash. :)>-

I am putting a bounty on any complete 5" Dash of $200. That's $200 off the price of any complete unit in the next month.

Combine that with an onion boiler from 120l upwards in a single order and receive another $100 off your purchase price. ^:)^

This will apply to those two 5" Dash models i have taken a deposit on as well. :O)

This offer is only available to StillDragon Community Forum Members, you must PM me through the site here to claim your discount and i will put your individual package on the AU site as a special order.

With a deal this good there is, of course, a catch. You will need to post up some performance figures and detailed run records. Hopefully you will be able to compare to a different cap run, but it is not a requirement. This is a genuine offer and will be here for a limited time.

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