Power and/or Sensor Connector Types

I wanted to start a discussion to try and get some input and inspiration for which types of connectors automation folks are using to wire up their probes, control panels etc. Clearly there are a number of experts/professionals experienced in industrial automation on this board, and as a "seat of the pants engineer", with only a few panels under my belt, I would love some input as to more effective or elegant solutions that may be out there unbeknownst to me.

To get things rolling, here is what I am currently using: Nema twist locks for power which I love and have held up to serious abuse, and for my rtds, auber connectors such as these:

Panel mount connector for RTD sensor @ Auber Instrumentes

which have not fared nearly as well and have started to get very finicky after a bit of use, which is my primary concern.

Does anyone have any experience with Neutirk PowerCON connectors, 3-pin stereo jacks or have an recommendations for hardy 2-3 wire connectors for thermocouple probes, panel mounts etc.?



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    I use canon plugs one sockets, they work well. You can get chassis fit sockets in either male or female type, and you can also get a rubber shroud to cover the plugs.

  • Is there a differnce between those and XLRs? I have used those before and some did not hold up too well

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    M12 is very common for sensors in industrial settings, you'll often see RTD probes with an M8 or M12 connector on the body. I think the link above is an M8 or M12, but can't tell. You can find better quality jacks elsewhere, that looks pretty low-cost, wouldn't expect much for four bucks.

    If it is something you need to break down regularly, XLR is probably a better choice for the RTD sensors.

    Thermocouples are sensitive to cabling, cable extensions, solder joints, contact between dissimilar metals, and connectors, just keep that in mind. Although you may just have meant RTD.

    Stick with NEMA twist lock for power, nearly bomb proof.

  • Yea, I love the twist locks, we use them all over the brewery and they take some serious abuse. I will look into the m8 and m12 variations, thanks for the tip

  • I only use XLR connectors for sensor connections, and commercial type screw sockets for power

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