Copper Plates

I recently made 4 copper plates for my 4" CD and all told it's easier and cheaper to buy them from SD. I only had a few days to play with the new ProCaps and could not wait.

I purchased a piece of half hard c110 copper of 0.060"/1.5mm thick. I covered it with painters tape and drew the plate design.


I then predrilled all the holes while it was still in one piece and finished cutting each plate on the bandsaw.


Finished by hand with a file and sandpaper.


Removed the tape and finished sanding.


Ready to go.


I am sure the next batch will be coming from SD. It was a fun project but I tend to be lazy.

4_inch_copper_plate _for_procap36_1.jpg
800 x 600 - 52K
4_inch_copper_plate _for_procap36_2.jpg
800 x 600 - 54K
4_inch_copper_plate _for_procap36_3.jpg
800 x 600 - 56K
4_inch_copper_plate _for_procap36_4.jpg
800 x 600 - 63K
4_inch_copper_plate _for_procap36_5.jpg
800 x 600 - 68K


  • Nice work. How did the run go?
    I think Larry has the 4" ProPlates in stock now at a fraction of the trouble of making your own.

    @punkin has received his first batch and the feedback is encouraging.
    A post to his website from someone that upgraded:

    These caps deliver! I have improved my flow rate while not sacrificing the quality of the spirit!
    They give my 4" the performance of a larger diameter still all you need is power. If you have a 4" do yourself a solid and either get these caps to start with or swap out your originals with these they are that GOOD!!

  • I finally was able to see your YouTube video @captainshooch and its very impressive.
    You mentioned pulling over 300ml in 1 minute and 45 seconds at 93 to 94%. My math says that's over 10 liters per hour with a 4" column and you were only using 4 plates.

  • Yes @Lloyd you are right, these caps are amazing. If I remember correctly I was using approx. 6kw when collecting at that speed. I will have a look at the other video snippets and my notes to confirm. Just remember this was with 35-40% wash.

  • That's about what I usually run if not higher. I don't care what the other forums say, I often run at 50+% boiler charge on the spirit run.

  • I have only ventured up to 45% but will try 50 soon. Mostly because the minimum amount of water needed to cover the elements in my boiler(26g). I have assembled a couple of smaller boilers( 8g and 5g) with a single element each and they are on the "to run" list.

  • With indirect heating and on the packed or hybrid column aiming for neutral, I would not have an issue with a 60% charge.

    However, for flavoured spirits there are other arguments (dealing with tails solubility) that justify the use of lower proof boiler charges.

    The pot stillers universally ended up setteling on 30% max - irrespective of what product they were making.

  • I agree with you @Myles. Only going to try 50 for a neutral.

  • And then there is the "Stranahan's method" ...also on the list of must try. I look forward to these trials.

  • wow you guys go over the 40% mark I have wanted to try that but thought it was to dangerous. It all ways makes me wonder if I am spreading the wash to thin with more water on vodka runs allowing more flavors to come over.
    @Myles you said indirect heating I am guessing you are talking about steam and not power??.

  • Going over 40% is inherently dangerous. You can do it but it is better to avoid direct flame and immersion heaters.

    Jacketed boilers are really the appropriate tool. Or their alternatives, submerged coils and steam injection.

  • There is an excellent article on Harry's Tasty Lime site called Diluting the Still Charge. I just went and had a look though and it says URL not found. I'll ask him what's going on, he must have moved it all.

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  • Yes @Myles , the 8g(or perhaps 13g depending on funds) boiler in the works will be an indirect heat boiler.

  • @punkin Seems to me he was having some issues last month as well but I thought that was resolved. I hate to see it disappear, it is indeed an excellent source!

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