What the heck is this???

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Having just taken delivery of a lovely new 4" filter from @SDEurope (Thanks Michael), I took apart my old aluminium drainpipe filter which has done a grand job, whilst leaking and being difficult to operate. It was a bottom fed 1.5 metre stack of carbon with a plug of copper mesh at the base that the carbon sat on. The photos are of what this mesh looked like when I got it out, and then next day after it had dried out. The white stuff was a bit jellyish, didn't taste of much but there was a lot of it. As it dried it turned to powder with a slight blueish tinge (ah! that'll be the copper). The black bit evident on the second pic are just bits of the carbon

Can anyone throw any light on what this stuff is? :-/

I probably put about 200 - 250 litres of 93% vodka through it in 3 batches, rising with pure water between batches, the vodka incidentally tasted really good and subsequently went on to make some very fine gin.

The new filter will not have the copper mesh. There was no evidence of the white stuff anywhere else in the column.



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