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Flow Sensor / Flowmeter Discussion

I am going to look into some coolant flow sensors, so I thought I would start a thread.

Here is what I see so far:

Posted by @captainshooch - Digiflow 6700M


Posted by @fadge


Posted by @TheMechWarrior



  • OK, I like this one, but finding a source is tough... maybe we should get StillDragon branded ones ;-)

    Web Page: Savant Electronics Inc.

    Datasheet: DigiFlow 6710M-44TM, 1/2" (PDF)


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    In my web searching for digital (hobby cost) stuff the main issues seem to getting the correct sized stuff that have temp ratings for the actual flow sensors to match our needs, plus the rate per min needs to be able to go very low.

    A lot of them appear to only rate to 60 C or 80 C , and we really need to be accurate with flow rates between 0 - 2 lt/min, many start at 1lt/min or more, seems the larger the diam sensors, the less bottom end range.

    My flow meters are handy for ensuring the pump is running and when full on both lines its fine, but trying to read reflux water flow, I cant really tell because the flow is so low and the gauge sits at the bottom hardly moving at all.


  • @CothermanDistilling found a fellow on fleabay has several 6710M meters for 42.00 ea.

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    Futurlec is where I ordered the same flow meters! But some have a hit and miss experience with them,they also carry other interesting stuff!

    It is what you make it!

  • 1/4" NPT connection probably too restrictive for recirculating :-(

  • @bentstick - good find, they have the 1/2" BSPP one for $26.90 although it is not panel mounted like the one i linked before...

    Futurlec - Flow Sensors

  • I think Cooperville use the same ones and he mounted his,maybe he will chime in!

    It is what you make it!

  • Ordered from futurelec au sites as an item in stock. Flowmeters shipped from Se Asia. Wasn't happy with the mis-representation

  • I agree 1/4 is way too small, did not see the one you were looking at is 1/2". @cooperville uses Digiflow, I saw it on his video and stole the idea.

  • so the one I linked is 1.5-25L/min... I think that this is a good range for 4"-8" pumped systems, 4" city water may not use that much, and the 1/4" or 3/8" one may be better for that... thoughts on that?

  • yep they were 1/4 inch which was very annoying i had to find some 1/4-1/2" reducers to match the SD fittings im not to sure how much of a restriction they cause for a small system but for @CothermanDistilling unit i would think it would make a difference for cooling I like the look of the wall mount unit as i had to stuff around a fair bit to get them mounted in my box they work well for reading for flow but wont read small flow like a trickle in the middle of my run i tend to just use a trickle but at least i know where im at adding these inline was a big plus for my system mainly the deflag side and made the whole package a lot easier to control as a beginner i think the use triple 'AAA'

  • @cooperville - good stuff! true, a small restriction at just one point doesn't kill the entire flow, just adds some resistance and may still work.... for the 4" dephleg, I actually was feeding it with city water through a 1/4" solenoid valve, but that was 60+psi still looking.... FWIW, futurelec cost for display with 1/4" sensor, and spare 3/8" and 1/2" sensors is $40..

  • @CothermanDistilling I will be home tomorrow and I will check the size of mine and where the heck I got them from. My 6700 are rated for 0.4 to 3.7 GPM but I get a steady reading as low as 0.2 GPM and with a standard 4" deph the sweet spot is usually 0.3 to 0.4 GPM with reservoir temps in the mid to upper 20C

  • I have the panel mount 6710M in 1/4", they read down to 0.01L/M and go to 1.0L/M, running one on the dephleg and the condensor, I constantly get 0.35L/M through the both of them when needle valves are fully open, not sure if it is restricted due to the 1/4' sizing or the pump is too low flow (it is a large aquarium pump and have used it successfully for the last 9yrs or so, but on a still needing a lot less flow) or if they are restricted at all... but they do seem to work,

    bought on eBay for approx $78.00NZ and they were shipped to me in 2 days from the UK. thinking I might try some 1/2" sensors on the same meters and see what they are like and if flow does actually go up.

  • you guys rock, great thread!

    @Mickiboi - when you get it, can you show a picture of the display from a side angle and back angle, I saw that one, but not enough pictures... the numbers you guys are giving are great!

  • @Mickiboi said: CothermanDistilling can do mate.

    Love the signature mate.

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  • Didn't know Jimmy could sing. Good advice, It wasn't me.

  • @CothermanDistilling Home at last!!!The 6700 has 3/8" connections. Have you tried to find the 8100T-44, it has 1/2" BSP connections and it seems very similar to the hard to find 6710M-44TM I sourced mine from

  • @captainshooch - the number shows what function the display does, the 8100 does elapsed time...

    Volume Totalizer and Flow Rate Indicator @ Savant Electronics Inc.

    8000T/8100T - Volume and Elapse Time Monitor 
    8300T       - Volume Monitor (count down)
    5000V/8800T - Pre-programmed Volume Monitor
    6000R/6100R - Volume Totalizer and Multi-filter Volume Monitor
    6700M/6710M - Volume Totalizer and Flow Rate Indicator
    6710M-xxTM  - Flow Meter for commercial / industrial RO

    This last one is the the panel mount... so I am looking at two options, the one you have, 6700M with 3/8", all-in-one, or the 'commercial' one with the panel mount and remote sensor such as the 6710M-44TM

    *note, I also read that horizontal or vertical mounting have different calibrations and minimum flow sensing ability...

  • OIC.. darn. Hope you find the 6710m in 1/2". FWIW I am very pleased with mine.

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    Some of the sensors on these units appear to be the same ones that go for $3-5 right. If you are just paying for the electronic component mostly an arduino should be a much cheaper option? If your reboxing anyway. You would need arduino sensor and display.
    Actually edited for this. Which sounds like it would do it all. Havnt read the how to yet.

    Water Flow Gauge @ Practical Arduino Projects

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    @CothermanDistilling . My flow sensor finally arrived. It took 53 days, I could have sailed there myself and got it by then. Haven't plugged it it or tested it yet. Seems ok to me though. It came with a temperature sensor. Looks like it should panel mount pretty easy. There is a 5mm edge overlap on it so if you cut the hole too big it wont fall through. As for the postage time try and find another supplier rather than the one I used.





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