Smaller pot belly 75 litres or thereabouts

Are there any plans on the horizon for a boiler between the 120 pot belly and the 50 milk can? Maybe a 75-80 pot belly?


  • It would cost the same as the 120 mate, so no not at this stage. Custom orders are easy to do though, so if anyone really wants one we can do it.

    Have you seen Lloyd's beautiful 70l jacketed model?

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    Hey, we did that!
    And it's mine!!


    70Lmy boiler(2013.11.1) AndLovingIt.pdf
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    No I haven't seen Lloyd's 70l. I have, any pics on here somewhere? (Edit just seen it above, very nice) I understand the cost thingy, always a trade off somewhere. Just been thinking though, 50 is just a bit small and 120 is too big, I don't have the power to run it. I can do 4800 watts.

  • I use 3 x 2400 watt elements and back down to 2 elements after boil up with one of the elements on a controller. If you do order one of these, get the extra element port anyway. It doesn't cost any more and you may want it in the future.
    It's a luxury, that really added to the cost, but I enjoy the insulation layer as it helps to keep the stillin area cooler in the summertime.

  • @Lloyd, thanks mate can you send $$$$ to @punkin for me so he can give me a quote.

  • It's Dragon Boat Festival holiday here today so everyone is closed.
    I'll get the quote to him after you discuss any changes with him.

  • You'll have to specify exactly what you want Mick. Whether you want the insulation (exe) or not?

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  • I think it's best to make the column port bigger than you want and adapt down in case you want to upsize your column later. I went with 6" on mine and reduce down to either 4" or 5". Reducing down looks so much better than needing to expand up.

  • Lloyd that is a thing of beauty. Have I miss-understood your comment. Do you heat the inner boiler directly and use the jacket as insulation? You are not heating indirectly via the jacket?

  • You read it correctly @Myles. I heat the wash directly because I get amazingly cheap low wines (they sell it here as booze). One trip through the still to remove the heads and tails and its gold.
    This is just my circumstances and it is actually FAR cheaper than me fermenting stuff.

    But even when I was back in the States I still directly fired my UJSSM with elements or a propane burner under a beer keg. I've never had much solids in my wash.

  • We have these babies in stock (of course that doesn't do you any good if not being in Europe).





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  • Aww so cute. Want to hug it and kiss it and call it George.

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    Tell me about the boilers George.


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