StillDragon drawn in Google's Sketchup 3D Program?

Has any one out there drawn up the parts of a StillDragon in sketchup? The bubble plate sections and the boilers in all the different sizes. I haven't even found a model in the sketchup 3D warehouse (their name for where you get the models from) of any still that comes close to what StillDragon makes. When doing the lay out of the equipment it nice to see how it will all fit before you order anything. I intend to go with the 1000 litre model with the 8" bubble plate running 10 sections


  • Have you tried the DragonDrop?

    Not exactly the same of what you mean, but a start.

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  • I saw the dragon drop before. What I'm looking for is 3D models so that i can submit the floor plans and where all the equipment will be located within the building to the city and provincial governments in order to get a license to distill and sell. I was able to find commercial boilers but the conical fermenters and mash tuns not very detailed and there was only distillery buildings that had no stills as they were just models made for Google earth. there was quite a lot of interior furnishings as architects are using the program to show new home buyers what their new home will look like.

  • You don't need 3d models for a 2d floor plan. The models I do have are too detailed for general release. Talk with your distributor to find out what you need.

  • fed, state, and city are plenty happy with circles and squares with a few words in them... from my experience...

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