Help: 8" Column with 10 Plates is too tall!

OK, so we are looking at a space that has 10' 2" of ceiling height. I want to have a 10 plates 8" column on a 50G and and a 100G SD pot belly boiler. Larry told me the height of the SS 10 plate would be about 112" and 72" with a Crystal Dragon 10 plates. I was wondering if anyone has ever split the 10 plates into two 5 plates sections and have the 5 plates side by side? thanks


  • Pretty sure that,s what @awesome has done with the 8 inch CD. You could try a Pm although i haven,t seen him posting lately.

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  • Pretty sure Lloyd has a flange / table mounted base for the side column? Not sure about the diameter?

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  • see 3d PDF attached.

    8in crystal desktop adapter.PDF
  • interesting stuff guys! thanks

  • I've been to more than one distillery that cut the concrete floor and dug a pit!

  • @grim said: I've been to more than one distillery that cut the concrete floor and dug a pit!

    Like a dry well?

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  • Look at any big Kothe or Carl, they have the boiler with helmet, then 2 columns of plates next to them, just need the right height and a sloped liquid return path at the bottom of each column, maybe some sort of P-trap

  • All the diagrams I have seen just have the return from the column extending below the minimum level in the boiler. This provides the vapour lock and makes cleaning easier.

  • this is way above the minimum level...


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    Believe this is the internal plumbing configuration.

    I love this design because most scratch their head wondering why there is no piping coming off the helmet.

  • Agreed @grim there is much more than meets the eye.

    What's the sticker price to drive one of those? Just curious, I don't need one. A 4" Dash supplies WAY more than my needs but when I see a Rolls or Bentley on the street I can't help but think $$$,$$$.$$ and I'll probably never drive one.
    Still nice to look at though.

  • Thought I posted a edited version of that photo that showed the plumbing, but yes, there is. Anyhow, I really like the idea of routing of the output pipe from helmet to column internally, as it keeps it right hot to prevent any early condensation.

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    One more comment from the peanut gallery. For safety reasons, the bottom of the column should always be higher than the maximum liquid level in the boiler such that you would never be in a position where an accidental overfill resulted in a flooded bottom plate, causing back-pressure to normal vapor flow (accidental thumper). This really represents the minimum possible height.

    This would ensure free flow-back of reflux to the boiler, and no vapor restrictions. May be obvious, may not be.

    Oh, and $$$,$$$.$$ (usd) is about correct.

  • I was actually talking about the internal plumbing. The base of the column should be higher than the max fill line in the boiler, and the column return line should project down below the minimum level in the boiler.

  • OK, let me find one with a pipe on top of the helmet... but I posted it to show that the returns come in at a level above the fill line, there was no 'dip tube' in the boiler on the left that I remember when I saw one in person.

  • maybe these will help...




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    side column layout.jpg
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