Can you add more yeast 2 days into ferment?

Hey gang,

I have just put down a 40L TPW on Tuesday.
I followed the recipe on the StillDragon manual and just realised it says 1 tablespoon of distillers yeast when I used 1 tablespoon of "Lowans" bakers yeast.

From my research it looks like bakers yeast needs about 120g for 40L and I have only put in 15g (1 tablespoon)

Do you think it will be fine to leave it? Consequences?
Can I add more yeast 2 days into the ferment?

Thanks in advance



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    I just put some lowans into a 40day old wash because the EC1118 yeast I used just would not ferment. It is now fermenting fine and survived whatever alcohol the EC1118 produced.

    If your wash is not fermenting happily by now, just add it in. It won't harm your wash.

  • It would sort itself out if it is actually fermenting - just a bit slower. You can add the other yeast but there is no certainty over which one would take over in the end.

  • If you add more yeast it wouldn't hurt to add some oxygen by whipping it up so they get an aerobic headstart and do the reproductive thing.

    If you are going to add the same type of yeast i wouldn't bother. They have already reproduced enough to get to fermenting stage.

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  • Thanks for the valuable info guys, very helpful. It is bubbling away nicely like it normally does so I guess its all working fine.

    Thanks for the oxygen tip Punkin, I gave it a good whip with a drill and paint mixer when I first put it down so maybe the oxygen generated from that has helped the smaller quantity of yeast.

    Cheers all, nice to be in a forum with positive people.

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