Macerated Fruit Filter using the SD Gin Basket

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I've been making a few batches of @Prairiepiss & @Cooperville Panty Dropper recently, and have had a few issues with successfully filtering the berries. The finer particles are clogging up the filters to the extent of almost stopping. This was driving me nuts so I had to find a better solution.

A quick email to my friendly local SD Distributor - @Punkin and my idea was underway.

I used a SD Gin Basket as the filter, and sat it on a Sieve plate. This was then housed in 4" TC pipe sitting on top of a 4" x 2" reducer.

Gin Filter Unit


Sieve Plate


Gin Basket


Filled Gin Basket


Macerated Fruit Jar


The Gin Basket works better than any of my previous filtering attempts using different grades of mesh.

It's a great secondary use for the Gin Basket with a few extra parts, and a bit of TIG welding for the support frame.
My next test will be Apple Pie

Gin Filter 1 small.jpg
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  • You are, once again, living up to your name @Philter.

  • Anything to make the job easier @Lloyd :D

    Because the SD products are (almost) infinitely customisable, I can mix and match to streamline my processes!

  • Looks good Philter, glad we were able to assist in solving that one. ^:)^

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • Looks like a great setup @philter just thinking if you put a end cap on top with a air line you could gently pressurise the space a speed up the philtering process Filtering is definitely a part of this hobby that gets overlooked Let that panty dropper sit for at least 12 months and you will be amazed

  • Easier said than done.
    Don't recall Panty Dropper ever aging past a weeks around here.

    But then, strawberries are expensive here so the batches tend to be small.

  • When it's aged for a long time it loses it's colour and vibrancy and takes on a port like consistency. Very much like a port or an aged liqueur. It's very nice but completely different to the fresh strawberry (or whatever fruit) taste.

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  • @cooperville That's not a bad idea. I did actually use the Gin Basket 4" end cap with the handle for the lid. The basket is a tight fit and the fruit would make a great seal.

    My Wife's trusty cheese press (Mad Millie) also helped to remove some of the liquid, but isn't worth the effort IMHO.

    In another post, @Prairiepiss recommended heating up the fruit/liquid first, and this certainly helps.

    @Lloyd @Punkin I may have to rent a Swiss Safety Deposit box for it to age for 12 months to try those flavours.

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