200L / 380L Boiler Pressure?

Hi, did anyone add a pressure relief valve to the 200L and 380L SD boilers (single wall used with electric heating elements)?


  • I've looked into it. There are some really cheap home made ways to do it using water and a pipe (nanometer) or some VERY expensive ways to do it using bursting discs. Some people are using multilayers of aluminium foil over a triclamp fitting too.

    There doesn't seem to be very many easy middle of the road applications. I'm not sure a common water heater valve is going to have the capacity or the workability to function like that and we don't know what materials are in them.

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  • I bet the heavy duty aluminum foil over a tri-clamp gasket would work great... easy to test too, just use water, 2'=1PSI or .1m=.1bar maybe have a hose you can dunk into a bucket case it fails during a run... or leave in the bucket for fail-safe

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