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do you use the full perment to get around the laws of making sprits or do you find that you get watch with the full perment more im thinking about geting a rig just dont no weater or not to get the full perment


  • @hillbilly

    I'm sorry, but I have no idea what perment is supposed to mean.

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  • The U.S. Department of the Treasury, 22 years ago, published regulations establishing a new category of distilled spirits plants for producers of alcohol exclusively for fuel. The Energy Tax Act of 1980 instructed the Department of Treasury to encourage and promote alcohol fuel production. sorry this is what im asking about

  • Moonshine he was speaking Hillbillian.... a language unto itself....

  • bad thing is i understood what he was saying...

  • think you see im not the only one that speakes or understands what i was asking what about the ?

  • plz help can some one help me would i wont to get the fuel permint if i made a little to drink from time to time or would this put unwanted attention and gave me more trouble in the long run

  • I have never seen anyone with the permit discuss it on any of the hobby forums mate. I don't know if you could do a search on the fuel forums to see if it's been discussed much. There's a good chance they'll have a policy against such discussions though.

    Wish i could help.

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  • I had the fuel permit in the states for, I think, 3 years. Its easy to get and the once-a-year record filing was simple and easy. If you live on acreage its easy to get the permit but if you live in a subdivision I think you'll have problems.

    **You give them permission to inspect your entire property without a warrant at any time they care to inspect by having the permit. **That's the scarry part.

    I had everything labeled "Poison, Not for Human Consumption" (no-one ever came to inspect but I tried to have an answer for everything just in case. I even had a lawn mower that would and could run on 95% alcohol).

  • @FullySilenced said: bad thing is i understood what he was saying...

    me too

  • The truth is that up till now the feds have had very little to do when it comes to moonshine. Only in the rare case of extremely big setups but those are few and far between. It is almost always state agencies or local law enforcement that you will run afoul of. As such there is no real point of getting this permit except to draw attention to yourself.

    Make just enough for you, your friends and family. Never sell it and don't piss off your wife. I can't tell you how many people get busted by wives and girlfriends that they have ticked off.

  • I agree no permit and 3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead. If you sell it that is another charge and if you transport it from site to home that is another charge. The big charge that you will face will blow your mind.... You can have a gun in your gun safe which is in your house and cash in your gun safe and have a site 95 yards away from your house and you get caught it is a class 6 felony plus your shine charges. No, not making the shine or having lots to sell but having a firearm within 100 yds. Its called something like possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime or felony. You don't even have to be able to get to it. All your cash they will take and you will never see it again. Now that's my state and they are strict. From what I understand lots of other states are not so picky. I followed 2 busts in my area and it was not a huge bust and he was not a first timer. All his charges were misdiminors except the classs 6 felony on the gun charge. Its kinda like the drinking and driving slogo. IF YOUR GONNA DRINK DONT DRIVE. IF YOU ARE GONNA SHINE DON'T SHOOT. Seriously if you making don't have a gun anywhere period, at least in the US.

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