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Punkin's New Crystal Dragon

I put it together for photo's, but once I'd seen it in the flesh i couldn't bring myself to dismantle it.

The Crystal Dragons really are a thing of immense beauty, I'd challenge anyone to see and touch one and not want one. So with a little customizing by using the dome nuts and some 1/2"stainless tube for covers, a TW Torpedo half with 1/2" Rims cap for Clean In Place, and using my existing piping to my product condenser, here she is;




Just need to run a hose to the reflux condenser and back from the 3 way ball valve on the wall with a couple of thermotees and a valve in it. Then she's ready to run.

I can really see why Lloyd have to have one of these, they are too good to let go, seeing as i know the local distributor pretty well i was able to negotiate a pretty good price too.

Can't wait to run her.

800 x 600 - 113K
800 x 600 - 95K
800 x 600 - 79K

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