Mr P's Hot Cinnamon Schnapps (fire piss).

Before I found this wonderful hobby I was a big fan of Hot Damn. It wasn't until I started this hobby that I realised. That is some nasty crap.

So I set out to make a Cinnamon Schnapps or maybe more properly a Cinnamon Liqueur. I searched here and there for a recipe. Didn't find anything I really liked or was impressed with. Dnderhead suggested to someone else in another thread to use candy. Tried it. It turned out pretty close to Hot Damn. But was not what I was looking for. And the bottle still sits in the likker closet. I think it mite make a nice Christmas present for someone. So anyway I did some experimenting and came up with a recipe that is the best flavored drink I have made thus far. And I really enjoy it. So here it is.

Mr P's Hot Cinnamon Schnapps (fire piss). I started out with a quart jar and placed six cinnamon sticks in it. Yes I said 6. I filled it with 95% neutral. I then let it sit for a month. I am using cinnamon sticks I find in the Mexican food section at the grocery store. 4 sticks for .99 cents. They are about 4" long don't look as pretty as the expensive ones. But they have turned out to work great for this. WARNING: the contents of this jar is very hot undiluted. Use with caution. Avoid contact with eyes skin and private parts.

I make a simple sugar syrup by adding enough sugar to 2 cups water to make 4 cups of syrup. I just heat it in the microwave. But the stove top will work. I make extra and keep some on hand for testing other things. 4 cups is more then needed.

I then take off 300 ml of the hot stuff on the sticks and put it in another quart jar. To this quart jar add 500 ml of the sugar syrup. To make 800 ml. This comes out around 35% ABV. It's best between 30% and 40%. 40% being a little harsh on the alcohol when you first start doing it. But I have found the longer I go with this the smoother it gets. So I have increased the ABV a little every time.

Then I top the cinnamon stick jar back up with 95%. I have made 3 batches so far. 2 to 4 weeks apart. 4 weeks being the first batch. With no need to add more sticks yet. Will add sticks as the flavor falls. Put it back up on the shelf for the next batch. Or other uses. See below.

If its to hot cut it with a little more neutral. Before adding the sugar syrup. I happen to think its just right. My wife even likes it. And she hates Hot Damn. The friend I have shared this with loves it. And won't stop bothering me for a jar.

Other uses for cinnamon soaked neutral. I have added a little to both my Apple and my peach following the panty dropper recipe. I added some to my marichino cherries I soak in 50% neutral gives them all a nice little kick.

So there it is. Give it a try and let me know what you think.



  • Well PP i have said it before but this is one of my favorites also and would recommend anyone to give this recipe a go just make sure you test the sweetness level to your liking

    One thing to note i have tried to just re-use the cinnamon sticks for a second cycle but it didnt get any color from the cinnamon not to sure about flavors as i haven't bothered to give it a try as yet its been sitting in the jar for over 6 months now

    to put a fling on the recipe i also added two homemade sultanas ( red globe grapes) to this jar

    there is real cinnamon and then there is the fake cinnamon im guessing i have been using the fake stuff from Malaysia/Asia?

    even with inferior quality cinnamon this recipe is a winner


  • I know first hand that cinnamon varies widely. PP sources from South America and my local stuff is a far cry from that flavor. What I get here would require at least twice as much bark as PP uses. AND maybe need to soak it longer too. Its also a lighter color here.

  • I currently have three jars going. The original jar that I have replaced a little over half the sticks in. Left the old ones in there. And two newer jars with a more normal type cinnamon sticks. From two different sources. And the color difference is unreal. I've been busy and haven't had a chance to make any of the newer stuff yet. So its been on the shelf for a while. But I can hardly see through the jars. They are so dark. But they have been sitting for 2 or 3 months now. I'm slacking. I guess I need to spend some time in the brewroom this weekend. And get some stuff bottled up. Speaking of which. I need to stop by and pick up some bottles.

    But yes the cinnamon can vary quite a bit. Depending on where you live. So experimenting with what is available to you is needed. You can use this as a starting point.

    By the way my original jar has now been going for 2 years. But I don't make a batch every month. More like every 3 months or so. I just don't drink that much.

  • I have to say that I am a huge fan of PP's cinnamon fire piss :D :P it lasted one weekend at my house

  • NUKED a Fire Piss today worked like a charm... thanks for the recipe PP

    i screwed up on it though... sent it out to a memorial day party at 150 proof or so...

    ooops my bad... :D tasting and making can get you in trouble i'm a thinkin *-:)

  • That's funny, FS.

    "In memory of those fallen from 150 proof Fire Piss, RIP".

  • Seems i made my simple syrup with 186 proof..... well such a simple fuk up ... =))

  • Now that is some FIRE piss. LOL

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